Ginny, the new story

Ginny and dean have just broken up again and she leaves over the summer. now shes in 5th year and things are a bit different.


2. Ginny? is that you?

Ginny saw the odd look on there faces, roled her eyes and walked on to the trian. everyone was stunned at her and suddenly followed after her.

"nice to see you too" she scoffed.

"Ginny, where were you" Ron went in for a hug, but ginny backed off, ron looked hurt, but forgiving.

Hermionie tryed her, "where did you go"

"muggle- world" she said as she sat down. she really did look different. She had thick, wide, tall studded boots. she was still in her muggle clothes, she had ripped black jeans on and a tight top that had 'Slipknot' writtern on it, which they had no idea what it ment. she also had back fish-net gloves on with a load of wrist bands on them. The most change was on her face though, she had two lip piercings, one on each side of her bottom lip, and she also had her septum peirced (thats the bit of skin inbetween the nosterals). she was no longer ginger her hair was jet black, with a slight green at the ends.

"ginny when did you do?" Ron asked pointing at well... all of her.

"what do you mean?" she asked standing and clentching her fists. Dean went over to her and though that HE could calm her down. he put his hand softly on her sholder.

"Gin, baby its ok calm down." this pissed her off, and before anyone could say anything Ginny punched Dean in the face, as she walked away she pulled her hair away fron her neck and there were  four huge scars across the back of her neck.

Hermionie ran after her, being the only one that saw the scars

"Ginny, what was that?" she asked

"i have no idea what your talking about."

Hermionie pulled her hair back to reveal the whole scar, it went from the back of her nack all the way dow her arm, when Ginny knew that she couldn't hide it anymore, she pulled her jacket off to sho that the scars went all the way down her arm to her left hand.

"right, you tell me what happened to you, why did you leave, where you ge thet scar." Hermionie asked, kind of angry, but not meaning to be. They found an empty compartment and went to sit down. 

"Right Ginny, start talking!!" Hermionie asked

"ok well, i wont to get away from all the shit i have been under" Ginny said quite quietly, Hermionie was shocked, Ginny never used to swear. "and... and well... oh Hermionie i dont know how to tell you, i was just so afraid and i didnt want to hurt anyone so i left and i met some people that went threw what in going threw and i was so scared, but they helped me get over it and i came back but im leaving again every holiday and when it well..." Ginny was talking really fast

"Ginny" Hermionie started "whats going on, what REALLY goning on. tell me exactly whats happening" she orderd. "where did you get that scar"

Ginny looked down and Hermionie mover closer and put her hand on her sholder "you can tell me"

"the scar is a..." at that moment Dean barggedin

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