Based on who am i without him

the story is based on the the second chapter of my story. i wrote a dairy entry every day for my English class and then i wrote a letter to 3 cute boys that i liked for homework. i know that sounds weird but actually the assignment was to pick 3 people to write a letter and it just so happened to be 3 cute guys i liked. anyway i hope u like it i will try to to update everyday. but if i don't i will as soon as i can. :)


6. the letter 3: 9/15/14

hey brandon 

your very sweet. i thought you were gonna be one of those stuck up guys who only care about himself and is rude. i love to write if you didnt notice. plus i love to draw. even though i cant draw i still try. i rap and sing. i even write my own songs. my issue is that have stage fright so i dont sing in front of people. do you have a kik? cuz i wanna do more than just send you letters in class. what do you do no the weekends? i work in the aliante casino bathroom. last weekend  i made $50. but it all went to paying my bills. but it all went paying my bills. i never knew how hard being an adult could be. try to live with your parents as long as you can i had to learn that the hard.


why thank you i not to be such a ass some times. but still i dont mind just writing you. mostly on the weekends i hang out with friends i wish i was more like you and had a job. i need a job so badly i want stuff!!! god i hate my hand writing it looks like a 4th grader did it i swear!!and by the way stage fright is a fear and like all fears it takes time to get over i know its hard just keep trying and youll get it i want you to make a promiseto me to talk to poplre more often ok making friiends is hard ok! :) 

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