Based on who am i without him

the story is based on the the second chapter of my story. i wrote a dairy entry every day for my English class and then i wrote a letter to 3 cute boys that i liked for homework. i know that sounds weird but actually the assignment was to pick 3 people to write a letter and it just so happened to be 3 cute guys i liked. anyway i hope u like it i will try to to update everyday. but if i don't i will as soon as i can. :)


4. the letter 2: 9/13/14


hey Brandon, 

i love video games too. im waiting for kingdom hearts 4 to come out so i cant wait to play getting a puppy his namei s peach cobbler. my mom named him . hes comming all the way from england. aint that cool he will be here on ocober 2nd or 3rd. i have a sister named essence she's 15 years year old and is a softmore. im 18 years old birth day was on the 5th . im a ver quiet  person until get to know me i dont open up to many  people alot because ive been hurt too many times in my life. i love movies too. my favorite movie is the fault in our stars and the vow. i love watching tv my favorite show is degrassi.

- Rayray


well take time to trust me i promise i wont hurt you and all i swear i love king dom hearts and im aboutto duy 1.5 i also love amime and comic books i love to write and draw all the time 

p.s.and on a side note try to talk to as many people as you can a good friend starts with saying hi :-)


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