Based on who am i without him

the story is based on the the second chapter of my story. i wrote a dairy entry every day for my English class and then i wrote a letter to 3 cute boys that i liked for homework. i know that sounds weird but actually the assignment was to pick 3 people to write a letter and it just so happened to be 3 cute guys i liked. anyway i hope u like it i will try to to update everyday. but if i don't i will as soon as i can. :)


2. the letter 1: 9/11/14



don't feel weird that i decided to pick you as one of the 3 people to write to for my writing project in my English class. i wanted to write to over  because you just kinda stood out to me over everyone in the school. i no i don't even know your name and i know you don't know mine. well my names Raven, but people call me ray ray. i rather people call me that because everyone has my name and i want to be original. 


well raven my name is Brandon im 18 years old and i love to draw  and play video games and work out,my fav color is green and i love and i love watching movies and i have a dog whoes name is Zeus thank you for writing to me  

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