Based on who am i without him

the story is based on the the second chapter of my story. i wrote a dairy entry every day for my English class and then i wrote a letter to 3 cute boys that i liked for homework. i know that sounds weird but actually the assignment was to pick 3 people to write a letter and it just so happened to be 3 cute guys i liked. anyway i hope u like it i will try to to update everyday. but if i don't i will as soon as i can. :)


3. diary entry 2: 9/12/14

dear diary:

omg i cant believe iit i got a letter from him. and i cant stop reading it and smiling. i read it all the time now. is that weird? my notebook smells just like  him. okay i know that sounds a little upsesive but come on he's cute nice and polite. that's the opposite of what i thought he would be. he loves video games which is cool but can be anoying sometimes. he also has a dog. its cool because i love animals. i normally dont like guys with dreads btu on him he's just so cute.

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