Based on who am i without him

the story is based on the the second chapter of my story. i wrote a dairy entry every day for my English class and then i wrote a letter to 3 cute boys that i liked for homework. i know that sounds weird but actually the assignment was to pick 3 people to write a letter and it just so happened to be 3 cute guys i liked. anyway i hope u like it i will try to to update everyday. but if i don't i will as soon as i can. :)


1. diary entry 1: 9/10/14

dear diary: my name's Raven Armstrong.but i don't like my last name though so i go by Raven Sherman. i am writing to you because that's what we gottta do for this class. it wasn't like that at first. at first i was in a boring English class where we took notes all the time , but now i got Mr. Summermyer. Mr. Summermyer is so cool. he the coolest in the world  where before i was  flunking class now in getting A's. surprising right? well he has us do a diary.well actually its called a journal , but i like to call it a diary. it sounds more girly that way.honestly i don't understand this  writing a letter to someone part of writing project, but i think it is to get to know someone you've never talked least that's how i tale it because theirs this  cute guy in my social studies class i like. people say he ugly. and the girls that do like him are hoes so i don't care about them at cause they aren't t his type at all.

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