The summer we met


1. meeting new

Jessie's pov

Timmy : I have to go pee so bad

Dad: just wait ok

Me : how long until we get there mom and dad

Mom: about 5 mins dear

Me: thanks mom I can't wait to sit by the water and write music

Mom: ok you can do that when we get there

After about 5 mins we pull up into the drive way to our cabin and tummy and I run to the house. I set everything down and I grab my guitar . i head to the laker that has a dock which is between 2 cabins.

As I sit down I grab my song book and play the few notes of a song that I have been working on.

Niall pov:

Hey guys I can't wait to spend the summer away from crazed fans

Harry : me too but I wonder if there will be any fans here

Zayn: I hope not bro

Liam : hey how much longer I can't wait to get out

Louis : dude chill we will be there In 5 min

5 minutes pass and we finally get to the cabin and as soon as we get there we all jump off and everybody heads to the house but me . After I got off I started to take a walk towards the lake , that's when I heard singing and I saw a beautiful girl facing away from me but her head turned to the side .

Jessie's pov

Me : I listen to everything you say but you can't hear a word I say , ohhhh but I will see you some day .

Just then I hear someone clapping behind me so I turn around and get up and come face to face with Niall from one direction

Me: hey what r u doing

Niall : ohh sorry I didn't mean to startle you at all I heard you singing and I think you have an amazing voice

Me : thank you

Niall : so what's your name

'Me : I am Jessie and you are

Niall ; my name is Niall I'm part of one direction

Me: cool I like your music and you too have wonderful voice hey well listen I gotta go

NiAll : okay see u around blushing. Hey if you wanna hang out again text me ( handing her a piece of paper with number on it. )

Me : bye and thanks ( blushing )

As I walk back to the dock on the lake I sit down and strum my guitar and then stop thinking about what had just happened. I felt the urge to look up and see if I could see him, I then spotted him sitting in a lawn chair on the porch.

Niall pov :

Wow that girl was amazing and she was so pretty too. I wonder if I will ever get to see her again.

As I make my way back to the cabin I get to the porch and sit in one of the lawn chairs. I sit back and think about how her hair was beautiful and she flipped it so perfectly. Maybe I had found love but I could feel it in my heart. I then looked up and saw her sitting on the dock looking back.

Then I got a text from her

Jessie- j Niall - n

J: do you sit out on the porch often ???

N: actually this is the first time I have been here we just got this place and its so nice to be here with some peace and quiet. ..

J: yeah it is so what u doing later.

N: I don't know maybe we can go out to the lake tomorrow and hang out.

J: won't the guys wonder where you are

N: maybe but I wanna get to know you some more.

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