Love Or Die

Avery Cole. Avery had the perfect life, or maybe she thought she had the perfect life. Everything changed on that night. The night she took the poison and killed herself.

But what happens when she wakes up as something she doesn't know? Something that drinks blood and tastes it as a cheese cake?!

What happens when she starts to remember stuff that wasn't there before? stuff that actually tells her that all her life was just a living hell with a vampire!

What happens when she discovers that her love has always been there for her?

Will she be able to get over her past?

Will she be able to handle her new 'her'?

"This is life, Avery. it's either you love, or die."


3. My Vampire Boyfriend

Avery’s POV


I close my eyes. My fangs dig in her skin and her red liquid moved inside my mouth. I tightened my grip around her arm and sink my fangs deeper in her, moaning as I swallow the red liquid.


This tastes so good! I even feel that I want more and more!


I could feel her legs loosen and she starts to lose her balance but I hold her tighter.


 I can’t stop! It’s just so delicious! It gives me that power! Do you know how that feels?! I don’t know how to explain this, but try to imagine! The feeling of your bones getting stronger and you feel like you’re alive once more, not lifeless and weak.


“You won’t remember anything, except that you just had sex with your sexy, amazing boyfriend. And it was awesome.”


I immediately pulled away watching her weak body fall on the ground.


 What was that?!


“You will only remember that when we’re alone.” He smirked, wrapping his arm around my naked body and pulling me closer to him “And right now, you wanna kiss me.” His smirk grew as he leaned closer waiting for me to make the move and kiss him. And I immediately did!


 I stare blankly at the dying girl on the ground and that’s when I remembered her. She is dying!


I quickly bend down and hold her. I observe her neck and see two deep holes. Blood ran down and onto her shirt and then on the carpet. She is losing a lot of blood! Damn it! What do I do now? I guess I should clean it up and cover it. Right!


 I quickly ran around the house looking for a bathroom. I found one in the same floor next to the dining room. I looked for the aid kit until I finally found it hidden on the shelf. I took it and  a small towel before running back to her again.


I could hear her weak pulse and her slow breathing.


 Is she going to die?! God, please no!


I held her body up from the floor easily and laid her down on the couch. I ran to the kitchen and looked for the biggest bowl and took one that was on the kitchen table. I quickly filled it with water and ran back to Amber.


I quickly took the towel and put it in the bowel of water, making it wet before placing it on Amber’s neck and cleaning all the blood away. Whenever I clean the blood away, more comes out.


 The smell is so strong! And the way the blood gets out of her neck makes me want to taste it again. I feel like I want to drain her dry. I feel like I want to rip her throat out and just kill her with no mercy. I feel this anger building up in me every time I look at her blood, every time I look at her weak body. I feel strong and powerful. I feel this hunger inside of me that makes me want to more and more of this powerful feeling.


 Maybe I should just-


No, No, No! I can’t think like that! I have to help her!


I don’t even know why am I doing this! I don’t understand!


 I left the towel on her neck to let it drink all the blood and to stop the bleeding. I sat back on the chair waiting for the bleeding to stop.


Maybe I should make something for her to eat! You know, she lost a lot of blood. She might need some food and some juices when she wakes up.


 Yup, good idea.


I walked back to the kitchen, still trying to think about what just happened.


I opened her fridge but found nothing except some beer bottles and some fruits. Then I tried the freezer but there was chicken and meat.


Now what should I do? I can’t cook! I don’t even know how to open the cooker! Ugh.


I guess I can just order something? But I don’t really think it’s a great idea.


I could just let her eat fruits for now. Yup, fruits are good for her!


I opened the fridge again and took some apples-


“Where do you think you’re going, babe?” he asked as I started pulling at the door, begging it to open but it won’t. I kept screaming and slamming on the door, hoping someone would hear me, but it was all useless.


 I heard his loud deep chuckle from behind me. when I turned around he was already in front of me, making me gasp and slamming myself against the door, trying to create as much distance as I could.


“Please, please just let me go!” I whispered looking back at his glowing grey eyes.


“Never, babe.” His hands on the door behind me, blocking me from getting away from him. He kept looking at my green eyes, like he’s searching for something. His eyes landed on my neck and he smirked.


“You know, you taste so good, babe. You make me want more. But hey, don’t blame me! you are the one who couldn’t resist me of course-“ his smirk grew by now “A heated make out session turning into a feeding session. But it was fun!” he leaned in closer making me gasp at the closeness.


 “Y-You fed from me! H-How?” I shuttered.


“I think you can figure that out yourself.” His hand moved up to play with my brown curls “But that’s not important now.” He said as his eyes turned red and his fangs grew again.


 His hand immediately locked itself around my neck and my feet was no longer touching the floor. My hands wrapped themselves around his trying to loose his grip as struggled to breathe but it was all useless.


“P-Please!” I whispered.


 He looked up at me with a smirk as he threw my body on the bed, making the dress I’m wearing fly up, just covering my panties.


I let the air fly in my lungs quickly as I tried to run away from him again but in a flash he was on top of me.


“You are not going anywhere love.”


 His hand made its way to my thigh and the other one held both my hands on top of my head to stop me from struggling and pushing him away. His legs where straddling me in place so I was unable to move at all.


 “Let me go!” I screamed as more tears fell down on my cheeks.


“You could just shut up and it will be all over soon.”


 “No! Please, stop!” his hands kept sliding up till it was dangerously close to my core.


 This only made him smirk as he leaned closer to me, his breath fanning my face. His lips attacked mine in hunger as he kissed me roughly. My screams were muffled by his lips. His tongue forced itself into my mouth making me yelp.


 His lips finally left mine and made its way from my lips to my neck, leaving hard wet kisses. I kept screaming and squirming, trying to get him away but nothing worked.


He stopped at the same place of the wound he made earlier, and I felt his tongue all over it, sucking really hard making me whimper.


 He pulled away, thankfully, and stared at my eyes.


“Stop screaming! Don’t move!” Something in his eyes told me to stop, something made my body relax but my mind was still struggling.


 He smirked again before leaning closer and  crashing his lips to mine once more, and I just laid there doing nothing. I let him move his lips on mine, but I didn’t kiss back. He let go of my hand, waiting for any response from me but I gave him nothing.


He groaned, like he seems annoyed. He looked back again at my eyes, his eyes dark and full of lust.


“Kiss back, Avery. Kiss me like your life is depending on it.”


he crashed his lips to mine again and I found myself kissing him back. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop myself. My mind was lost in his eyes and the way he talked to me, I didn’t know how did he do that, how did he made me do that, I really couldn’t stop myself.


I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I parted my lips allowing his tongue full access to my mouth.


 His hands made its way to my breasts, squeezing and massaging them. I moaned into his mouth and held tightly onto him.


In a swift move my dress was ripped in to pieces, viewing my black lace bra and a matching panties.


“You are all mine, all of this is mine.”




I stared at the blood moving out of my hand and threw the knife on the kitchen counter. Damn that apple! I guess I just zoned out.


I walked to the sink and let the water clean the blood away. I stared at the water while its cleaning out the blood-


Wait! It’s healing!-


I laid there on the bed, naked. I hugged the covers around my body as I felt my death coming. Tears were all over my face, I couldn’t even cry anymore. There was no more tears to leave.


So that’s it?! Sex and blood was all he wanted from me.


 He raped me, fed from me, hurt me, I don’t know what else does he want from me.


“This time, I won’t compel you to forget this time, but you will not get out of your house, and don’t open the door to anyone! Do you get it?!” he said, looking at me in the eyes.


 I couldn’t do anything but nod, scared of what he could do.


 “Good.” and with that he was out of the door, leaving me on my bed bleeding to death.


Bite marks all over my skin, blood was running out of all over my arms and my neck, making me feel nauseas. I knew that this was just the end. I was going to die! At least it’s better than living with a vampire boyfriend who is actually raping you every day!


“Oh, my God, Avery!” A strong voice yelled, but I could figure out who.


I saw a tall figure with brown hair and eyes, jumping in from the window. He ran over me and the next thing I know is his wrist inside my mouth.


That metallic taste filled my mouth, making me groan as I tried to push his hand away from me but I was too weak to do so. I suddenly felt stronger and felt no more pain in my body.


 When I looked back at my hand, I saw the wound healing.


How is that even happening?!


“Avery, look at me!” His voice sounded sad and demanding at the same time. I looked back at his face and saw these glowing brown eyes, filled with worry.


 “You will not remember me, you wear something with tall sleeves to hide all the healed marks.” He demanded “Avery, I will always be next you. I will always save you.” He said leaving a soft kiss on my head.


 As I was about to ask who is he, he was gone.


-I eyed my hand again carefully and there was no signs of blood or any scratched skin.


 What does that mean?! How did I got healed?!


His blood healed me?!


I quickly ran back to Amber, who was still lying and bleeding on the couch!


 I could smell her blood, it just smelled so fresh and like it was calling me. I inhaled deeply, feeling the scent. I felt my fangs grow again as they touched me bottom lip.


 I stared at her and then back at my hand.


 Should I try this? Maybe that would heal her too?


I quickly bit down on my wrist -just like that brown eyed guy did- creating two deep holes. I opened her mouth and let my wrist into her mouth, letting my blood move inside her mouth. I hear her groan, trying to push her mouth away from my wrist.


She reminded me of that image that came to my mind. But who is that guy? And how did I not know what happened to me? how did I not know that Adam was raping me? am I hallucinating?


I removed the towel from her neck and watched the two holes carefully as I saw them healing pretty fast, like they never existed.


 How is that even happening?! My blood… healed her?


Her eyes flung open and I saw her squirming as she backed herself away from my wrist. I pushed my hand away and looked back at and saw the bite mark disappearing like what happened before.


“Wha- How- Who-“ she shattered as she didn’t find any words to say. She was staring at me like I’m some kind of monster.


 Her eyes were wide and full of fear. She sat herself up and leaned back as far as possible. It was clear that she was scared of me.


“How did you do this?!” She finally managed to say. Her hazel eyes eyeing my every move, probably scared of what I did, which I still have no idea how I did it.


“I-I don’t know.” I took a step closer to her.


“No! please just stay away!” she screamed.


Wow! She is completely healed!


“Amber, don’t scream and listen to me!”I said looking into her eyes, just like what Adam and that brown eyed guy did.


She stopped screaming but I could see that her eyes still had that fear in them.


“Amber, I don’t know what’s happening to me! I want you to hear me out, and help me! Please!” taking a few steps to her, she backed away again but nodded anyway.


“Calm down! I won’t hurt you, I swear!” I did that same thing again, which I think called compulsion, I think I heard it in my head earlier.


I sat next to her with a sigh escaping my mouth, she eyed me carefully but didn’t say or do anything.


“Amber, I don’t know what’s happening to me! when I woke up at the hospital, I remembered one thing, and it was that I killed myself! Then the doctor told me that I died but then I woke up! I don’t even know how! But then I saw that blood bag and I drank from it! then I saw that guy and I felt like I knew him from a long time! Then I saw him in my head, feeding me his blood and telling me that everything will be okay. And I saw my boyfriend! he was feeding off of me, raping me, and even hurting me. he was drinking my blood, but I remember him being nice and kind to me. it now looks to me like it was a half memory! I can now see the full memory! I feel like my memories are completed but I don’t know why is this happening or why am I drinking blood- do you understand me?” I asked her as I saw that frown on her face. I felt like she didn’t understand anything, and I was right when she shook her head.




“I see things, Amber. Things in my head, they come as memories! Like I was sitting with Adam and then it all turns into drama! I don’t even know how!”


“Who’s Adam?!” she finally talked, with that big frown on her face-


“Now, my babe Avery, I want you to kill yourself. You kill yourself with whatever way you choose, but you will be dead by the end of the day. I’ve already found another girl so I’m done with you.” He smirked, wrapping his arms around me.


“Do it after I leave and you will be done with vampires forever.”


 “Avery? Who is Adam?” I looked back at her with wide eyes as I remembered everything.


“My vampire boyfriend.”

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