Love Or Die

Avery Cole. Avery had the perfect life, or maybe she thought she had the perfect life. Everything changed on that night. The night she took the poison and killed herself.

But what happens when she wakes up as something she doesn't know? Something that drinks blood and tastes it as a cheese cake?!

What happens when she starts to remember stuff that wasn't there before? stuff that actually tells her that all her life was just a living hell with a vampire!

What happens when she discovers that her love has always been there for her?

Will she be able to get over her past?

Will she be able to handle her new 'her'?

"This is life, Avery. it's either you love, or die."


2. Memories

Avery’s POV


Dear Diary,


So, this is the first time for me to talk to you. It’s kind of stupid actually. Don’t be sad, I’m not trying to be mean, but I just didn’t want to write in diary! He just forced me into doing so, saying it will calm me down and it will help me remove a lot of weight from my shoulders.


I don’t know! I don’t think it will really help! It’s been a lot already!


Since he just gave me some privacy and left me here sitting on the couch, telling you some weird stuff, I think I should just start this.


Umm… God, how do I even start this?!


I guess I should just start from the beginning.


Okay, so I’m wondering you actually want to know what happened, but first, let me introduce myself.


So, I’m Avery Cole, The Vampire who turned after killing herself. I’m nineteen and I’m stuck at that age. My family thinks I’m dead. No one knows I’m still alive. Thanks to him, he ruined my life.


I remembered everything after I turned. I didn’t even know that vampires existed until I turned. Memories came back in pictures. I could see how he tortured me, how he fed from me and made me forget. How he used me for his own pleasure. How he forced me to do all what he wants. Use his mind powers to compel me and then make me forget.


I shiver whenever I remember that, I thought my life was actually good. Despite the reason that made me kill myself, my life was great. Let’s leave that to later.


Back to my story, let’s start from the day I turned.


So it all started when that guy saw me drinking from that blood bag. He disappeared and….




He was just here, that brown eyed guy. He saw me drinking from that blood bag! How did he even run that fast?! He was just here! No one could be that fast! Maybe I was imagining things? No! No! I’m sure I saw someone! He was here! I saw his face before! But where?


“How could you let her run like that?!” someone’s voice brought me out of my thoughts. I could hear loud footsteps outside of the room.


“I don’t know! She suddenly ran away and I couldn’t stop her!” I heard that familiar voice I heard when I woke up. That’s the red haired crazy doctor! Yup, I guess!


“We have to find her now! We have to know how did that happen! Do you understand?! Find her now!” said the other demanding male voice.


The voices started to fade away slowly and I could no longer hear any footsteps.


I opened that door and started to run again.


I have to get out of here!


I ran as fast as I could. How did I get pretty fast?!  Anyway, that’s not important now! Why do these doctors want me?!


I ran till the end of the hall way and saw some stairs there.


Should I run down the stairs?! I think yeah, I have no any other choice. 



I ran down and saw some people staring at me.


Don’t look at them! Don’t look at them!


I ran faster and hell, I’m so fast!


I got till the end of the hallway and saw a huge glass door. The exit! Finally!


I quickly opened the door and ran out of that crazy place.  


Great! Now I can go back home.


It’s dark! Completely dark!


I saw the road after like three minutes of running. I looked back to see if there is someone following be but thank god no one is.


I can’t even see the hospital! How did I run that fast in only three minutes?!


Questions kept flowing in my mind, and the most important one is why did I kill myself?!


All I remembered when I woke up was that I killed myself! But I don’t know why! Why did I do this?!


I kept walking on the road, waiting for any cab to pass or any car but its blank! No cars! Nothing!


An image found its way in my head which made me stop in my tracks. What was that?!


I ignored it but then another one came, and another, and another! What’s going on?!


Adam’s hand pulling me closer to him. His hand holding the end of my back and the other fisted in my hair. I kept screaming, telling him to stop.



Why was I screaming at my boyfriend?!


He pressed his body against mine, trailing wet kisses on my neck.


I held my head in my hands and screamed. What the hell is happening to me?! What are these images?! I don’t even remember them! They can’t be memories!


I tried to ignore it and continue my walk but then more came!


I fell on the ground, holding my head and screaming in pain. My head hurts! Tears started to move down on my cheeks. This is unbearable.


More images came and I could see Adam biting my neck and drinking from me! What the hell?!


“You can’t ever get away from me! You are mine!” he whispered in my ear as his lips crashed to mine forcefully, making me taste my own blood


I screamed louder, tightening my hands on my head. What the hell is this?!


“Are you okay?!” I heard someone say from behind me. I looked at the direction of the voice quickly only to meet a girl, in her early twenty’s.


I backed away from her and looked at her in fear.


I don’t know why am I scared of her but she scared me!


“Hey, it’s okay! I’m not gonna hurt you. Are you okay?” she took a step closer to me.


I couldn’t really answer her cause my head was too busy viewing more images.


“Your body is fucking sexy babe.” he whispered in my ear as he looked down at my half naked body.


“Please! Stop!” I screamed


“Why should I?” he smirked


“Please! Make it stop! Please, just make it stop!” I cried looking at the blond girl standing in front of me.


“What’s going on? Tell me so I can help you!” she got down on her knees next to me, putting her hand on my shoulder.


I flinched away from her, looking at her light blue eyes.


“I-I don’t know what’s happening to me! Please! Help me!”


“Come with me, I’ll take you to the hospital.” She said, helping me to stand up.


“No! No, please not the hospital!” I pulled my hand away from her.


“Okay, okay not the hospital. Do you know someone you can call?!”


“I-I don’t know, I can’t remember! I don’t know what’s happening to me!” I cried


“Okay, just calm down! Come with me, I’ll take you home so you can rest. You must be hungry.”


“Home?!” what does she mean by home?


“Yeah, my home. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you! You don’t have to be scared!”


I don’t know why I stood up with her but she seems nice and I kind of trust her.


She opened to me the passenger seat and helped me to get in. I’m too weak to do anything!


She hopped in after me in the driver’s seat and started the car. The car roared back to life and we started our journey.


“I’m Amber by the way.” She said looking at the road “And, what’s your name?”


“Avery.” I whispered.


“Love your name!” she smiled. Clearly she was trying to pull a smile on my face but she failed.


“Thanks.” I whispered again.


“How old are you Avery?”


“Nineteen.” I said, looking back at the window. I really didn’t want to talk. She must have knew that cause she stopped asking questions.


“We are almost there. Are you okay now?” she asked and I shook my head.


“Are you hungry?” she asked. God, she is so talkative!


“Very.” I answered. My stomach was growling.


 I feel like I didn’t eat in years!


“Okay we are here! Come on.” She said pulling over in front of a huge house. This house reminds me of mine!


Wait! My house! I remember it now! Adam is probably there waiting for me!


Speaking of Adam, why was I screaming, begging him to stop?! He is my boyfriend! And how was he drinking my blood! Does that have to do something by the fact that I drank blood when I woke up?!


This is all just crazy!


Maybe I’m imagining things? Maybe I’m going crazy? What’s happening to me?!


“Let’s go?” she asked opening the door for me and giving me her hand to help me get up. I hesitantly took it and got out of the car. She locked her car and we made our way into her house. She opened the front door of her house and she got in. I walked behind her but then I couldn’t get in.


What the hell?!


I tried again but something was pushing me back! What the hell is that?!


“Come on! Come in!” she said motioning her hand to the house.


I hesitantly tired again and it worked! I walked inside her house and it was pretty simple and big!


She led me into the living room, I guess. I sat on the couch as she gave me warm smile.


“Make yourself at home. I’ll be back in a second.” She smiled and I nodded.


Well, she is sweet.


I started to look around the room. I saw some pictures hanging on the walls but I didn’t bother to see the faces.


“You lied to me! I thought you loved me!”


“I’ve never loved you babe! I don’t love!” he pinned me against the wall “You were sadly chosen to give me what I want! Your beautiful body,” his eyes scanned me from up to down “Your delicious blood,” he smirked, lowering himself “All mine!” he whispered in my ear as he started kissing and sucking on my neck.


NO! what’s happening?! Stop! Please stop!


I held my head tighter and squeezed my eyes shut as I saw Adam doing his job in my head.


How is this even happening?! This can’t be a memory! Why am I screaming at him?! I don’t understand!


“I got you something to eat.” Amber said walking in with a tray in her hand.


She put it in front of me on the table and sat down on the other chair next to the couch I was sitting on.


I looked at the food in the tray and saw a sandwich and a mug next to it.


I quickly held the sandwich and ate it in a second. I didn’t even care what was inside the sandwich! I was freakin hungry! But I think it was chicken.


Then I took the mug and to my luck, it’s hot chocolate! My favorite!


I drank the hot liquid quickly. I didn’t even care if I burned my tongue! I just drank it! but I didn’t get any better! I was still hungry!


“Are you okay now?” asked Amber looking at me with her eyes wide open. Clearly from the monster eating!


“Yeah, I guess. Thank you!” I lied but I can’t finish her food!


“No problem.” She smiled “So, do you wanna talk about it?” she asked giving me a questioning look.


I guess I should talk to her.


“Look! I don’t want you to think I’m crazy or anything, but this morning, I woke up and the doctor told me that I died and then I woke up again! And I don’t know how! And all I remember is that I killed myself but I don’t know why! I just ran out of that crazy hospital and then I kept walking down the road. Some images kept running throw my head about my boyfriend. Weird ones! Like I saw him touching me a-and then I was like screaming at him begging him to stop! I don’t even know how or is this happening. It’s just so weird and I need your help! Please just make it stop! Please!” I cried, burring my head in my hands.


“Maybe you are just tired. I think you should get some sleep!” she came over to me with a sympathetic look on her face “Everything will be okay in the morning.” She pulled me in for a comforting hug.


Wait! What is that smell!


I found myself staring at Amber’s neck. I could see the veins popping out of her skin. Why does this look so appealing! I could feel my fangs hurt, a lot. They started to lengthen and I just felt like I want to bite her right here, right now!


I quickly got back to my mind and pushed her away from me. I stood up from the couch looking at the ground in shock.


What the hell is happening to me?! I need an answer right now.


I looked back up at Amber and when our gazes met, her eyes widened.


 “Y-Your eyes!” she backed away from me. What?!


“You-Your fangs!” she took more steps to the back “W-What are you?!”


“What are you talking about?” I took a step closer but I immediately stopped when she let out an ear piercing scream.


“Get away from me?!” she screamed.


“Please, just-“ I tried to get closer to her but she won’t let me.


“No! please, don’t hurt me!” she cried.


“What are you talking about?! I would never hurt-“


“No! please don’t touch me! Please!” she cried even harder.


“Okay can you just stop!”


I’m starting to lose my temper here!


“Please just-“


“I said STOP!” I yelled at her, looking her in the eyes and she immediately stopped. WOW!


“I don’t know what’s happening to me! I feel like I want to bite your neck and drink from you! I don’t know why!” I said staring at her neck.


She just stood there doing nothing. I started to move closer to her.


“I’m sorry Amber. I just can’t hold this anymore!” I said as I found myself in front of her in second. I grabbed her hair gently and tilted her head to the side so I got full view of her neck.


“I will just try.” I whispered as I let my fangs make its way into her neck. 

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