Carry On, Cath

Cath is dating Nick while starting at Uni and is starting to get along with her new roommate Reagan until her brother, Levi, shows up.


2. The beach party.

~~*Cath pov*

I stare intently at myself in the mirror and sigh. Today was the day of the beach party and according to Nick, not only will there be loads of girls there but also his ex-girlfriend.


It's not like I'm insecure enough, you know? I frown and mentally tell myself to shut up. If Nick isn't making a fuss out of this then neither should I.

My brown hair hangs limply on my shoulders, before I grab a bobble and twist it high on the top of my head. With my hair in a ponytail, my face seems even more bare with my glasses standing out in a way that could not be attractive. Opening the bathroom cupboard, I pick up the bottle of Nick's sister' foundation. I squeeze a drop on to my finger but then wipe it off just as quickly. A prick of tears threaten to fall out when walking towards my bag in Nick's room. Emptying it out I grab my bikini and a long dress before heading to the bathroom to get changed.

A knock on the door snaps me out of my daydream.
"Babe?" His voice calls. "You in there?"
"Just coming out!" I call, while opening the door.
I glimpse up through my eyelashes to watch his reaction at my appearance. His eyes rake over my body before a smile appears on his face, lightening up his features. I return the smile but it then falls when he frowns.
"What? What's wrong?" I demand.
"Nothing! It's just... why aren't you wearing shorts?"
"I didn't feel like it that's all."
"You know all the other girls will be wearing shorts?"
"I can change." I mutter, looking down at his feet to avoid his eyes. He grabs my hand and I catch his eyes.
"You know you don't need to."
I smile and play with the material of the dress. His mum shouts us downstairs because his sister has arrived with the car to take us down to the beach. Nick squeezes my hand and kisses me on the forehead before leading me out the house to meet Lucy. The front door swings shut behind me.
"Cath!!" Lucy cries and hugs me tight. "God, I've missed you!"
"It's been too long!" I giggle, squeezing back just as hard. Lucy was the only member of the family that had truly accepted me and acted like she knew me. Nick climbs in the car and knocks on the window while grinning at the sight of us getting along.
"Listen." Lucy pulls me to the side, out of my boyfriends hearing range. "I know that this is going to be hard because you'll be meeting his ex-girlfriend."
"It'sokay!! I've been in this situation before but I just want to know that you're both very different, and Nick loves you, okay?"
"Okay." I smile and give her a grateful hug. We walk towards her car together and I sit in the back.


Upon arriving at the beach, we clamber down the steps and find the others from the party. I look around and eye up the girls. Nick was right, they are all wearing shorts and a crop top, making me feel out of place. A group of girls walk towards us and smile massively. A couple of girls, named Michelle and Charlotte, stand away and talk to me for a while. I'm pretty sure that I looked desperate stood at the side while girls flocked him. I feel a knock on my shoulder and I spin. Standing behind me is a beautiful girl with shorts on and tanned legs, a blue crop top to show off her bellybutton piercing.
"This is Casey!" Nick grins. "Casey, this is Cath, my girlfriend." He points to me. Casey looks at me up and down and arches a perfect eyebrow.
"Hi." She says bluntly. I smile shyly in response.
"Come on N. I want to show you to my friends." She smiles at me sweetly and latches on to his hand to pull him into the mix of people. Lucy comes over and links arms with me.
"Come on, stay with me." She grins at me sheeplishly and pats my hand.

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