Carry On, Cath

Cath is dating Nick while starting at Uni and is starting to get along with her new roommate Reagan until her brother, Levi, shows up.


1. Introduction


Post by Magicath:


Hello readers! Sorry for the late updates on 'Carry On, Simon'! Currently I am enjoying my long summer break following my exams. However, I do feel like I should thank you guys for staying with me.

No, I have not managed to write any more or even thought about writing another chapter (again I apologize) but my boyfriend has forbid me from opening my laptop. Right now as I type, Nick is taking a quick nap after watching breaking bad, giving me the perfect opportunity to beg you not to abandon me!

I will, of course, write more soon.... never could I abandon Simon and Baz!! Nick just thinks we should spend as much time together as we can before Uni starts. I think that's understandable and I knew you would all understand. Also, know that I will be back soon!

How are all of your holidays? Tomorrow me and Nick are going to a beach party, not something I would usually do but Nick is trying to get me to be more sociable.

Thank you to you all, I love each and every single one of you.

Until next time,




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