Catching my infinity

TFiOS fan fiction, high school style.


1. Introduction

So this is the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. This is no ordinary love story, but like all love stories, it deserves to be called as such.


7:30 am on a Monday morning and that means rise and shine for our princess of this tale. She dominated the high school gossip throughout the summer due to the chopping of her Rapunzel ringlets, leaving her with a boyish cut. Already half of the girls at school have this hairstyle ready to face the year with Queen Bee, Hazel Grace Lancaster.

7:45 am awakens our sleeping beauty with an icy blast of perfectly purified water in her ensuite. Meanwhile, Samantha, Hazel's hand maid sets out the locally sourced make-up on a recently discovered vintage dressing table. Unfortunately no birds are there to help our angel out of the shower.

8:00 am arrives bringing toast, pancakes, fruit, granola and freshly pressed orange juice. To which our fair maiden grabs a couple of slices of cooked bread and retreats to her lair.

8:15 am concludes the morning ritual with our Juliet pampered and prepared to start the first day back at school.


8:00 am and is that the sound of a forgotten about alarm of a forgotten about boy I hear?

8:03 am rolls around with our suitor rolling out of his bed. The hard hit to the head should be enough to awaken our lonely boy from his slumber.

8:15 am and Augustus "Mr Nobody" Waters is left to scramble for his tie, while eating a plate of eggs, and poach his shoe from under the bed. His chocolate hair sticks up in more impossible places than impossible places. Hoping to pass it off as purposeful bed hair, he prepares to leave.


But now that the characters have been introduced, we can continue with the modern fairy-tale between Hazel and Augustus.

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