Ark's a demon, he kills for a living in cruel and unusual ways. He's pure evil and adores every part of his job. But what will happen when he falls in love with his next victim?

**WARNING**CONTAINS: **Violent scenes, strong language and sexual scenes. For mature audiences only**


1. Shattered Glass [PREVIEW]

  Shattered Glass

(Ark's POV)

I looked upon the glass window, to only have it shatter and break within seconds. I brought my hand up pointing to the red velvet curtains. My eyes shifted black like a midnight on a moonless night and a blaze of death lit up the room.


My job was done.



(Jane's POV)

My heart pounded in my chest, beat after beat. Breath after breath. The faster I tried to run the more I got a pain in my chest. I slowed down, and unfortunately for me too slow. I was forced to the ground. The mysterious figure wore a black hoodie from what saw before I sheltered my face with my poor, defenceless hands. My hearted began to beat faster and faster as I was sure a knife was being held above my head right this moment. As this was possibly my last moment I thought about everything I loved and how I would miss them so very much. But then I remembered all the horrible and disgusting things this world contains. The world was a flithly place and to be honest this was my only way out from the shit and piss...


"Hahahahahahah.." wait? Did I hear laughing? Or was that my mind laughing at my awfully stupid jokes again? 

..."hahahahah," nope it was not my mind.

I removed my hands from sheltering my face to reveal the person who was chasing me... was Amanda.

"BITCH!" I said pushing her off me. She was still laughing. What a complete and utter bitch! She was my best friend and all but really? This was too far...way to far.

I put my hands to the ground pulling my self to reach my school bag, while giving her the dirtiest look I had.

"You gotta admit right? That was pretty funny?," She laughed even more.

"um, not really." I said, kinda shrugging.

"Hey!.." She grabbed my shoulder as I turned around to walk off. "Don't be a spoil sport? It was just a little prank, a joke. You know?,"

I looked her in the eyes. "Look just fuck off, I get it was a joke but I didn't find it very funny and you've kinda ruined my day." I walked away from her.

She grabbed my shoulder once more to stop me from leaving. "Look, okay. I guess..I'm sorry. Yeah it was a bit much. I guess I trying to have a bit of fun."

I looked at her making her feel guilty. "...okay. Well I'm just gonna go," I sighed "See yah in a couple of weeks." I walked off leaving Amanda standing alone. 


I wasn't going to school in a couple of weeks, I needed a break. My mother has noticed I was having a mental break down and school actually agreed for a break. For once in my lifetime, I'm happy with the choices my school made.


As I walked home I decided a different way was best, in case Amanda was to going to follow. I chose the park. 

After walking for several minutes I felt a strange dizziness, a beautiful brown bench was just ahead so I walked over and took a seat. As I was catching my strength back, I looked up to see a boy was looking straight at me. He was leant against a tree that shadowed over his face, only revealing his beautiful brown eyes glaring at me. He looked to be wearing some black ripped skinny jeans and a black polo shirt. I wasn't too sure what his shoes were but from what I could see they looked to be black converse. 

He was still staring, at me.

I felt his presents on me, it was the kinda of stare were you feel you feel like you are being stared right through your soul. But at the same time his stare made me feel...happy? That's not the right word but there was no other way to describe it. I gotta admit though I loved him staring at me.


His glare made me feel special, and gave me a warm feeling in side. In my mind, this boy was driving me crazy just from staring at me from a far. 

Suddenly my phone buzzed in my pocket, it was Amanda.

I pushed the 'lock' button on my cracked iPhone. I didn't want to bother with her right at this moment in time. As I looked up, I saw the boy was gone. My head quickly span around, glancing around the park at all the possible places he could have walked too. Did all that staring mean nothing to him? Yet there was no single sign of him, he'd disappeared in a single second. 

I stood up from the cold bench I had been perched on and walked off out the park, as thoughts raced back and fourth through my mind.


(Ark's POV)

I traced her steps in my mind, in the future (really 5 minutes) Jane was going sit right there. As I saw her approach the park, my heart began to beat as I saw the beauty of this girl. 

This task was going to be hard.

I watched her every move closely, from her small steps, to her little finger twitching. Every move she made I recognised and remembered. Every thought she was thinking right now, I knew. 

I was her new demon, lucky her.

Authors Note:

This wasn't much guys for a reason, just a preview/teaser! Please tell me what you think? And if I should carry on or not? I really like it so far and hope you guys will too :)

I want to publish this bit as I felt bad because I've kinda of abandoned my movellas, sorry about that :/

Thanks Guys :)) <3



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