Ark's a demon, he kills for a living in cruel and unusual ways. He's pure evil and adores every part of his job. But what will happen when he falls in love with his next victim?

**WARNING**CONTAINS: **Violent scenes, strong language and sexual scenes. For mature audiences only**


2. Guns and Bullets


(Jane's POV)

As I rooted through my school bag for the door keys, I heard a thud coming from the inside of the house. My parents were at work, so who could be rooting around my house? 

Assuming my parents were home early, I proceeded to look for the keys, take them out of my bag and unlock the door. The living room was quiet, maybe I had just imagined the noise. I tossed my keys onto the coffee table, along with my jacket and walked up to the stairs.

"Mum? Dad? Are you home?", my voice echoed around the walls, no answer.

I tried again.

"Is there anyone home?."

All of a sudden a hand covered my mouth making it hard for me to breath. The mysterious hand smelt of metal and caused me gasping for breath. Was this another one of Amanda's pranks? I struggled to get free, but my arms were held back. There was no way I was getting out of this situation. Until, he whispered.

"Stay still and you don't get hurt, its as simple as that," in a violent tone.

I tried to speak under behind his hand "Let me go, what do you want?," only it came out as a mumble.

"Shh, be quiet!." I struggled once more.

Then I realised, this was real.

The shock flowed through my body and my heart pounded, slamming against the walls of my chest with such intensity I was sure it would break a rib. I did as the man said and kept quiet. 

A couple of minutes later, which seemed like forever in a situation like this, another voice appeared.

"Dude! I got some cool shit here!..." he paused "...what the fuck man!."

"Look, I had to do this or she'd have caught us and rung the police!," the man holding me back replied.

"Shit! What are we gonna do now then? She'll tell on us!," He was absolutely right and that was what scared me the most, if he knew I was going to tell then they'd have to do something to me right? Either way I wasn't getting out of this situation.

He gave it a few seconds then spoke, "Pass me your knife..." 

Even though I couldn't see the man, I could tell he was shocked. "But..we'll be charged with murder as well as burglary if we got caught..."

"JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING KNIFE!" The second man didn't hesitate this time and passed the knife. Blood rushed through my body as he put the knife to my neck, my heart pounded even faster, if that was physically possible. As I was about to close my eyes, a third voice spoke.

"Drop the knife, and your friend here keeps his head," followed by a gun being reloaded. I didn't recognise the voice, but it didn't matter, he was trying to save me. 

The man hesitated for a second then dropped the knife, stood up and put his hands up. As I turned, I saw who it was. 

Holy shit.

It was the boy from the park and he was absolutely gorgeous now I could see him up close.

He gave a small smirk and went back to being bad ass. He took out a another gun, for a second I thought he was going to give to me, but he pointed it to the other man. 

"Take it off.." he moved his gun to the side a little "the mask, take it off. You have nothing to hide."

As he pulled the mask off, I inspected his features. He had brown, messy hair with gorgeous brown eyes. He has quite pale skin and peach lips, he was gorgeous. The guy from the park leaned up to the man and whispered.

"You come back here again, and you'll have me to deal with." And the bullet was shot. The gunshot was not as loud as I had anticipated. The metal fragment, spiralled through the air and with more speed than the fastest of living things pushing his whole body back and letting blood fly in all directions. The thought repeated its self again and again through my head. And it only happened a second ago. This boy had killed someone. 

The second man was now scared stiff because he knew the same was about to happen to him. Out of the blue, the boy turned to me "want to have the honours?," he said passing me the gun. The boy was asking me to shoot this guy. He was crazy, and I liked it.

But I backed out and shook my head. "Suit yourself." And in an instant he turned around and shot him in the head too. Same process, same amount of blood.

The boy must have noticed my shocked expression as he tried to comfort me. "This may seem a bit strange I know, and your probably really scared right now. But you need to know I won't hurt you. You might remember me from the park? And yeah..." He must have noticed I was staring at the gun, so he dropped it. I gave a small nod. "...well, you'll understand everything soon enough."


(Authors Note)

Remember guys to tell me what you think :) Otherwise I don't know whether to continue with this story or not :) 


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