Never Fade

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  • Published: 11 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 11 Sep 2014
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Some things are meant to last forever... And some things are not.


1. Never Fade


Some things are meant to last forever... 



”Seto wake-up.”


His eyes stirred slowly, as he tried to focus on the voice calling out to him. It was your voice, he was sure of it. After all these years and after everything that had happened, he was able to recognize your voice, even from a long distance. Even though your voice was something he associated with goodness, he didn’t want to wake up.


“Come on.”


When he first felt the electric spark to his cheek, he knew that such a feeling only came to him, when your lips touched his skin. However, this time your kisses were infused with a little of your Ba, your life force, making it tickle. You didn’t stop as your lips kept moving from his cheek, to his cheekbone, then his forehead, nose tip, lips, neck…


He opened his eyes and reached out for your face.


The moment your eyes connected, he saw you flash him a smile. A gentle and warm smile, fueled by your feelings for him. His hand rested on your cheek, his thumb making small strokes. You closed your eyes, but the smile remained.


“Good morning,” you said, opening your eyes and connecting your lips to his, once again. “Pharaoh.”


Your name left his mouth in a soft whisper, as his hand found its way to your silken soft hair. He liked running his hand through your hair. As he slowly woke up and regained full consciousness, he realized that the sun had yet to rise.


“Why are you awake? You should be sleeping.”


As soon as the frown showed up on his face, your hand reached out and caressed his cheek.


“I want to watch the run rise with you,” you said, smile wide, but the shyness was still visible in your eyes. It made you look so childlike, so loveable and innocent.


It was a simple request. He didn’t want to leave the bed, not when you were so close to him, warm and soft, but he couldn’t make himself extinguish the gleam in your eyes either. He pulled you closer to himself, burying his head in your soft hair.


You had the scent of different flowers, a unique scent, which he quite liked.


“Seto, please.”


He sighed and released his soft grip on you, after giving you a kiss on your lips, this time a more developed and passionate kiss. You grinned, running your hand through his chestnut colored hair.


“I don’t want to miss this. Get up,” you told him, pushing him rather softly, before you turned your back to him. He watched you for a moment, as you dressed, before doing the same.


Sometimes he didn’t understand the way you were thinking, finding pleasure in the smallest things in the world, and yet you managed to share your view with him, showing him the beautiful aspects of the world.


His eyes were for searching you, as he realized that you had already left the room and now you were standing on the balcony. He walked over to you, standing right beside you as he watched the scenery in front of him.


From here, he was able to get a good look of the country.


“It looks so beautiful,” you said.


The sun was rising, covering everything in enchanting colors of red, orange and yellow.


It was beautiful.


He looked over at you.


The way the sun would brighten your entire being, made him ask himself, if the Gods had created you. Your soft hair was moving slightly as the small breezes played with it. The sunrays made your eyes shine and soften as you looked over at him. The way your mouth opened ever so slightly to call his name, with your soft voice, made you look angelic as the sun rose.


There was love in your eyes.


It was something that had taken him time to get used to. It had always been there, he now knew, but he had never noticed that you only looked at him that way.


His arms came to rest around you, pulling you close to him in a tight embrace. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to keep that light in your eyes. The world could be a tragic place, he had already witnessed that and yet, you were able to shove your light on him and show him the beauty of the world. The beauty of simple things like the rising sun and fragrant flowers.


You were his light.


He was the new Pharaoh, the new King and you would be his Queen.


“What are you thinking about?” you asked, curiosity all over your face.


Instead of answering, he just leaned down and kissed you.


No words in this world could describe what he was thinking, because no words could describe you.



3000 years later, the reincarnation of the Priest began to wake, one of his hands reaching out to pull you closer to him. To his surprise, you were nowhere to be found. He opened his eyes and it took him a moment to realize, to remember that you had actually left him. He couldn’t help the way his heart seemed to drop in his chest, as he realized that the place beside him on his bed was empty and cold.


... And some things are not 


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