A Million Eyes

I'm trying to describe the different feelings you get when someone stares at you.


1. Hell

There's a million eyes staring at me / For no damn reason / My dear, they say, count to three / On three you'll be gone

Oh dear, they say, do you know where we are now? / Oh dear, they say, do you really think you can get out? / They leave me, they leave me wondering how / Will I ever get out and what is this all about?

My dearest, they say, watch us / Does it look like we talk? / Oh no it doesn't, 'cause it isn't us / It's our lord writing on your wall with chalk

You believe what you hear / But is that smart? / Oh no, 'cause we'll never disappear / In life you've got a bad card

Honey, you're too easy to fool / You really are / Did you never go to school / Your stupidity is like an open scar

Oh dear, you'll never get out of this hell.

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