A Million Eyes

I'm trying to describe the different feelings you get when someone stares at you.


2. Attention

There's a million eyes staring at me / They liked my look / I was pink and black like a fashion bee / The role of the school's diva I undertook

Oh girl, they said, you're stunning / Oh girl, they said, do you wanna go out? / I could get the fat boys running / The look is what it's all about

My dearest, my darling, my dear / They all called me by different names / I was famous here / Known as the goddess of love's games

You believed what you heard / The gossip that came from student to student / I actually had nothing against that nerd / But he was too imprudent

Honey, you're a nerd / You're not supposed to gossip / But too late, your social life is now blurred / Mentally I've beaten you with a whip

Oh poor boy, don't get in trouble with me. I'm the centre of attention.

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