Never say never ever

what if Rose Tyler came back from the parallel world?what if she had been here all along?what if she meets the Doctor again.what if she hated him?a love the Doctor thought would never ever die.


5. chapter five-river song

Rose ran through the corridors down to her room for what seemed like the hundredth time today.she had tears streaming down her face by the time she reached her pillow.

Several minuets later roses phone rang."Hello."there was mumbled talk on the phone then the line went dead. Rose smiled a genuine smile for the first time today and walked down to the hub to see everyone standing in silence."jack,I'm sorry i snapped. Doctor yes you have a daughter.her name is gemma.she isn't 16 she is 1200,she just looks 16.yes its been 1200 years and 7 months for me since bad wolf bay the first time.but now we are going to pretend to be fake cause my little sister is coming and i always lied about you and told her you were nice doctor."

"Rivers coming?"was jack reply with a smile beaming across his face.he had known river since she was small;she is like a daughter to him."river!"Amy Rory and the doctor said in sink.just then there was a flash of light and river song was there.jack and rose run up to her hugging her in turn."hello sis."rose said hugging river.then jack hugged her. "My little melody.not so little anymore.hows tony?"jack said to river all three stood there oblivious that the doctor,amy and Rory's jaws had dropped.then river suddenly noticed them "hello.I'm river roses little sister and you are?"was it too early in her timeline? Was she river? Was she river from a parallel universe?

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