Never say never ever

what if Rose Tyler came back from the parallel world?what if she had been here all along?what if she meets the Doctor again.what if she hated him?a love the Doctor thought would never ever die.


8. chapter 8-the doctors promise

After 2 hours of silence apart from cries jack finally spoke."rose.i think we should put her body in the med room.we can well she if she comes alive the jenny case"

"Yeah..."rose was able to whisper not taking her eyes of her daughter.


Did jack just say the jenny case? It couldn't be his daughter.he watched her die in his arms.he just watched his other daughter die and never spoke to her.his mind was playing tricks on him.

He stood there as jack picked up his dead daughters body.he watched as she was taken down the hall and decided to follow.he waited for rose to sit down then entered the room.rose kissed her daughters dead head before leaving the room to fall into jacks arms in a heap of tears.

The doctor took his daughter he never knew pale hand.he started to talk."i don't really know what to say."the doctor said before braking down in tears."i know i never knew you but i love you.gemma...i wish i knew about you.i would have stayed with your mum.i wish i could of anyway i love her.i never did tell her...the unfinished sentence.i would have been a good dad.the best in the universe.i would have taken you to picnics in the country every saturday and read you a bedtime story every night cause thats what rose wanted growing up.and know i understand why pete tyler ran in front of that car for rose.a fathers i will do the same for you."with that the doctor breathed his last regeneration into his would take a while to heal the the consequence of being immortal from any death.2 days till she got a heartbeat.a week till she woke up.little did he know jack was at the door and saw him give up a regeneration.he also knew that he needed rose to be out of Torchwood for when she gets heartbeats again.


Jack walked into the hub to find everyone sitting there."doctor,amy,Rory and rose go to the TARDIS now.go on one adventure only then come back.!"jack said in quite a pushy manner."james harper are you kidding me!"rose replied using jacks real name."yes rose!cause somethings happening and your daughter wont be safe unless you go."rose looked confused by this but would do anything to save her daughter.she nodded and walked towards the TARDIS closely followed by amy,rory and the doctor.when she got to the door she pulled out a sonic blaster and opened the door.she stroked the door"sorry old girl!"she mumbled before walking in.she went straight to the console and started to flip switches.when all four were in the TARDIS it started to fly.they all looked at rose in awe wondering how she just flew the TARDIS."i set it on random."she said before sitting down on the jump seat and pulling out a picture of gemma when she was 13.

After 10 minuets of agonising silence she clicked her fingers and the TARDIS landed."how come the doctor cant do that!"amy asked slightly amused."he never knew he could!" rose answered back with a slight smile on her face."since when could you fly the TARDIS?"the doctor asked rose."since i absorbed the time vortex."rose said back bluntly still showing hate for the doctor."but thats impossible.i took it all out of shouldn't remember."

"Well i still have some left in me hence the immortality and being able to fly the TARDIS".rose said back in an annoyed tone before walking out of the TARDIS.

Around half an hour later the four were seated in the middle of central park modern day.the doctor read a detective book Melody Malone(reading it aloud and adding his opinions.)after amy telling the doctor to read aloud whilst the doctor didn't listened and just complain that something was different he finally guessed it."its your it your hair?"amy finally gave up and told him."oh shut up!its the glasses.I'm wearing glasses now, on my nose see?there you go."

"I don't like them.they make your eyes look all liney."he caught roses glare and continued."no,actually sorry there fine.carry on!"

" i have noticeable lines on my eyes now?"amy asked worried.Rory did his best to answer but failed miserably.then he went over and kissed amy."oh,do you know its humiliating when you do that?"the doctor moaned"just cause you don't know what love is"rose bit at the doctor."i do too!"

"Go on name one girl you loved who isn't in a book!"

"You!"the doctor shouted.amy and Rory was shocked by this however rose dis not."bullshit!you never loved me!"

"Yes i did i still do!"

"If you loved me you wouldn't abandon me with a cheap knock of version of you!"

"I didn't abandon you!i left you with a version of me who you could settle down with.die old with!"

"But i didn't want that.i wanted you!"the doctor smiled and walked up to rose."you can have can have me"he said taking her hand.she took her hand away from him."wanted.past tense.".she stepped back and started to speak again."and i bet you still cant finish that sentence!"she said upset but laughing at the same time."you know the end."

"Refresh my memory doc."the doctor pause for a minuet."rose tyler...i-"he couldn't finish the sentence so rose walked off.Rory running to catch up with her.only to notice she was crying."coffee?"she nodded and they started to walk to the nearest coffee shop to get coffee for amy and the doctor.

A/u-sorry this took so long to post.the next chapter will be my own version of final scene of angles take Manhattan.


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