Never say never ever

what if Rose Tyler came back from the parallel world?what if she had been here all along?what if she meets the Doctor again.what if she hated him?a love the Doctor thought would never ever die.


6. chapter 6-a darlek,a shot and a dead body

The doctor stood there.his wife didn't know some ways he was happy.if rose knew he had a wife she would never love him again.he loved rose more than anything in the universe,he couldn't loose her was still sad river didn't know him or the ponds.he had to play along.for rose."hello.I'm the doctor"

"The doctor!"river said.jack and rose started laughing behind them."ok sis you can give up the act now."rose said between laughs.river giggled then spoke "hello mum and dad! Sweetie." as amy and Rory went over to hug there daughter the doctor stayed back.oh no!how much did rose know."how are you two sisters then?"amy asked

"Well we're sisters in law".see river married my brother tony.they were childhood well his dead."rose explained river went over to her and hugged her.the doctor stood there knowing this wouldn't end well.his wife and the only women he ever loved."why did you call her melody jack?"Rory asked jack not knowing wether they knew her real name. "See when she was little she used to sing all the an endless melody."jack said as river went red with embarrassment."did you know her birth name was melody."amy said.rivers face went redder.she knew that rose knew now.her sister would hate her"your melody pond?"rose said sounding upset. "Look Rose.i was gunna tell you i was."

"If you know then your already-" rose was too shocked to finish her sentence.river just nodded.both girls with a tear rolling down there faces.after a minuets silence rose hugged her sister."its ok.i know how you feel.I've been taken in by his charms too."rose said to her sister in a comforting tone."i know John told you about the library."

"He told me he met a river song.she told him her real name was melody pond and knew his real name.something you would only know if you were his wife."

Know rose defiantly knew the doctor was married. "Now doctor.why did you follow jack to Torchwood."rose addressed the doctor."rose...maybe we should talk in private?"he replied. This caused rose and rivers eyebrows to shoot up."now doctor anything you have to say can be said between your wife,parents in law and jack who is like a brother to me."

"I came to see you."the doctor said uncomfortable with having this conversation with his wife here."why?"

"Because.rose tyler..."the doctor was cut off when roses mobile rang." alright dear!."

"Oh my god me."her daughter said on the other side of the phone through terrified cries."what is it?"rose asked scare for her daughters well being."I'm with Luke were hiding in the cinema.its the-"she was cut of by a loud bang.rose had started crying now terrified her daughter was in danger"EXTERMINATE!!"was heard through the phone.rose hung up grabbed a gun and looked at jack and sarah.she was still crying when she said the dreadful word."d...a...rleks"

"Is Gemma and Luke safe?"jack asked worried for them."no!"rose replied with that jack,river and Sarah ran out of the building towards the cinema.they were too late.a darlek shot at Luke.a dive from dead body.what one?

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