Never say never ever

what if Rose Tyler came back from the parallel world?what if she had been here all along?what if she meets the Doctor again.what if she hated him?a love the Doctor thought would never ever die.


4. chapter 4-who's gemma


(Warning swearing in this chapter.)

The doctor stood there rooted to the spot looking at where rose ran to.his eyes filled with tears and his cheek red (from the slap.)after a short silence the doctor turned to jack angry."you told me rose wasn't miss wolf!you told me you were going to see sarah! YOU LIED!!"the doctor shouted.jack didnt flinch."yeah doc i lied bout miss wolf but not about Sarah.she is here with rose."

Jack said before walking to the kitchen.

The doctor suddenly broke down into tears as jack left.amy rushed over to the heap of her raggedy doctor on the floor.she hated seeing him like this.a few minuets later jack came out of the kitchen holding two bowls."doctor,I'm gunna go get rose you two need to talk." And with that jack turned and walked down the corridor rose ran down half an hour ago now.

The doctor quickley stood up at jacks words and wiped his eyes with his tweed jacket.then he fixed his hair and bow tie then looked at amy.she simply gave him the thumbs up then a quick hug before returning to Rory's side.then rose,jack and sarah-jane turned the corner.roses eyes were bloodshot from crying."doctor.still not ginger then."

"No just more hair this time"it was meant to be a joke but both didn't smile."i thought you didn't like bow ties.every time you used to wear them you used laugh at me when i told you they were cool-"the doctor finished roses sentence "-and always will be."amy and Rory's eyes went least that explained the bow tie.the rather awkward conversation was cut short by roses phone ringing."its gemma" she said to jack before answering the phone "hey hon"rose said.

"Mum i told you no pet names."

"Sorry dear...sorry"

"Mum i suppose jack told you where i am"

"Yeah you know uncle jack "

"I just wanted to check in see if your alright.he said something about my dad being in Cardiff."

"Yeah he is.I'm fine.go have fun on your date!"the mother teased her child over the phone"bye mum love you"

"Quite right too!"

Then rose put her phone back in her pocket.the other people in the room only heard half the conversation and the doctor was very confused.why did rose call jack uncle couldn't be could it?did rose have a child?"sooooo. Who was that?"he finally asked.rose hesitated and looked at jack and Sarah who both gave her a smile as if to reassure her."that was my daughter.gemma."

"Your daughter?"


"How old is she?"he asked. She looked at jack and exchanged glances before speaking."16"she said sounding unsure herself"who's the father"

"It doesn't matter"

"Im just asking...who's the father rose.the metacrises?"she snorted at this comment."no way!"

"Then who?"

"Just leave it"

"No rose don't tell me it was a random fucker off the street."rose looked shocked by this statement."do you think id do that"

"Well i dont fucking know do i.oh yes i do its Mickey the idiots."

"No!"rose said getting slightly annoyed."who's is it then!"he shouted at her."yours!you happy now!"she shouted back.oh shit she didn't mean to say that.she wasn't gonna tell him about gemma being his."how long?" He asked her after a minuets silence. "What"she asked confused"how long has it been since the crucible"

"A while"

"How long?"

"Im not telling you.i owe you nothing"she said turning to jack after saying it."rosie"he said grabbing his friend into a hug "just talk to him rose.its not for him its for you.your not the same girl you used to be."she pulled out of the hug and started to shout at jack."i cant believe you jack im not the same 19 year old you first knew or the girl you knew when your saw me at the crucible because 1150 years have past since then!"she shouted before storming to her room.

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