Never say never ever

what if Rose Tyler came back from the parallel world?what if she had been here all along?what if she meets the Doctor again.what if she hated him?a love the Doctor thought would never ever die.


3. chapter 3-meet miss wolf


A/u-this chapter will be quite long because the last chapter was so short.

The doctor was walking towards the Cardiff torchwood at a fast pace with amy and Rory close behind asking him what was going on."we are going to the place where jack works. you see torchwood investigate aliens and I'm thinking we wait for Jack there and hope he comes with Rose.I can talk to her then."

"What about river?"both Amy and Rory said in sink worried for there daughter.the doctor didn't reply.when the got to Torchwood the doctor soniced the door open. They walked in to the hub to see jack standing with his mouth open in the middle of the room...alone.


Jack returned to the hub his face red with anger.he walked into see rose and Sarah-jane nowhere to be seen.he walked up to roses room and heard crying, he knocked and the door and walked into the room to see rose crying and Sarah comforting her.jack gave them a sad smile and was about to walk out when rose called after him."jack.wheres Gemma?"rose asked worried about her 1200 year old daughter(who looked 16).she had naturally chocolate brown hair.she was really beautiful with her mums button nose and her dads freckles.she had wide green eyes.she always wore her mums old blue leather jacket and dark jeans.she never changed her shoes(white converse)."oh shes on a date!"jack said with a cheeky grin on his face

"What!with who?"rose said ,her mother instincts kicking in." Witg a Mr Luke smith"jack said his grin extra wide now.Rose and Sarah's faces both fell"they went to the cinema to see the newest chick flick."jack continued trying to contain his laugh. At that moment a loud alarm rang jack ran into the hub only to be faced with the doctor.oh no this would not end well.

They all stood there in silence.a minuet later rose walks round the corner holding a large gun."jack what was it-" rose stopped when she saw a man in a tweed jacket and bow tie who rose guessed was the doctor.she stood there rooted to the spot as a tear fell down her eye."rose"the man said in almost a whisper."doctor?"rose said a bit louder then him.he smiled and ran to her.when he stopped he was beaming from ear to ear.rose slapped him as hard as she could tears running freely from her eyes now.not tears of happiness though.she started shouting"NO DOCTOR!!YOU LEFT ME.NOW ITS MY TURN TO LEAVE YOU!!"she said dropping her gun and running down the hallway behind her.

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