Never say never ever

what if Rose Tyler came back from the parallel world?what if she had been here all along?what if she meets the Doctor again.what if she hated him?a love the Doctor thought would never ever die.


10. chapter 10-rose has a plan

"Dad?"everyone in the TARDIS repeated apart from the doctor and the doctor was about to tell them how jenny was generated anomaly when Jenny spoke "wheres donna?"

"You know donna?"rose asked interested"yeah.she was there when i was born."jenny said.this made roses face fall."who's your mum Jenny?"rose asked putting on a fake smile."well the only women at my birth was donna so i guess her."jenny said not fully understanding what that meant."so doc."rose spat at the doctor."rose.its not what you-"the doctor was cut off by rose."at the dalek crucible when i told you i loved you and i was never gunna leave you had just had a kid with donna?"rose spat at the doctor beyond annoyed."let me explain."the doctor pleaded"save it.right now we need to stop the angles.i suggest we go back to that hotel."rose said flying the TARDIS before walking out with everyone following her.


"I just need to blink."amy sobbed.rose suddenly rushed in front of her with a full sized mirror.time-locking the angles."i know another way."rose said calmly."how."amy cried.rose didn't say anything just held up a vortex manipulator."rose no!"the doctor shouted already in tears."will it take me to him?"

"Yes.we get there one year before him.we leave one year will stop a paradox."rose replied.amy nodded"me and gemma are coming to"rose said"no!"Luke,jack and the doctor replied."not without me."luke said taking Gemma's hand before kissing her cheek.Sarah-jane nodded at rose."ok so Sarah and Luke aswell."rose said happily."I'm coming"jack protested.rose felt a tear fall down her face as she went up to jack and put a hand on his cheek."you've got Torchwood.ill be back before you can say raxicolicofalcapatorious."rose sobbed.jack smiled before pulling his best friend into a hug.then he walked over to gemma."no weddings till your back."jack teased."see ya t-bird"

"Bye bye pinkie"jack replied commenting in his and Gemma's friday night film grease."you cant go"the doctor shouted at rose."yes i can!"rose replied annoyed."but i..."he still couldn't tell her."you have a wife and don't need me."rose replied harshly."but i can have a family with you."

"Neither of us want that."then rose turned to river." I love you sis."she said while sorting out two vortex manipulators and handing one to Sarah for her and a flash of light they were gone.all the people the doctor truly cared for.the ponds,his daughter and the inly women he truly loved taken in a heartbeat.

A/ there will be a couple of chapters in roses life.then when she sees the doctor again.please comment, vote and recommend this story to fellow whovians.


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