My life has changed

my name is Daniella I live in Sydney I'm 16 and my father died 2 years ago and I got kicked out by my step mother. I'm living in the streets begging for food or spare change then I bumped into someone who changed my life forever.


4. Chapter 3

Daniellas P.O.V.

i haven't been hugged in a while and it felt good being in someones arms again, honestly i felt safe and i never want to let go of that feeling again i pulled away "do you need a place to stay because my house if free for you to stay at" he asked and i nodded he grabbed my hand sparks went flying through my entire body, i haven't felt that since, actually i have never had that feeling before, he lead me to a car it looked nice i got in and we drove away from the park it kinda scared me 

sorry its too short i will write more tonight leave a comment of what you think of the story so far and don't forget to smash that like button 

much love kirri2 


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