My life has changed

my name is Daniella I live in Sydney I'm 16 and my father died 2 years ago and I got kicked out by my step mother. I'm living in the streets begging for food or spare change then I bumped into someone who changed my life forever.


2. chapter 2

wait a boy!! " sorry if I scared you, are you ok" he said ever so kindly I just stared at him like he was speaking Japanese "do you understand me" he asked I nodded slowly "i'm calum what's your name" he asked "d-d-Daniella" I stuttered "are you crying" he asked looking at my tears I wiped them away "its nothing important" I said looking at my feet " I got time to listen, everything a person says is important so you want to talk" he asked lifting my chin up to look at him I nodded "I haven't talked to anyone since my dad died ,my friends ditched me cause I was homeless and I had to leave school cause I had no money, so I lived in the streets for two years and it was terrible by the time I finished I was in tears.


seeing Daniella in pain was heart breaking she's been put through hell that she didn't deserve.

she was crying by the time she finished talking I pulled her into my arms and hugged her I felt sorry for her she hugged me back her small arms wrapped around my body felt like it was meant to be there I liked it. maybe the guys might let her move in with us I HAVE to ask.

hey guys sorry if it short i'll write some later hope you guys are enjoying it

leave a like and comment what ya think please I wanna here ya opinion

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kirri xxoxx

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