My life has changed

my name is Daniella I live in Sydney I'm 16 and my father died 2 years ago and I got kicked out by my step mother. I'm living in the streets begging for food or spare change then I bumped into someone who changed my life forever.


1. chapter 1

my names my is Daniella smith I live in the streets, my step mother kicked me out after my fathers funeral.

I was sitting out the front of a shop then a happy family walked out, I held my empty can out that had like forty cents in it, the little girl came over and gave me five dollars she smiled at me and went back to her mum and dad I waved at her with a huge grin.

I started walking towards the shop and got a snack that will only last me like a day, I bought it and went out. I usually go to the park it reminded of my old life when I actually had a family. when I got to the park I sat a bench and stared at the playground looking at the kids play it reminded me of my dad, then my vision started to blur great i'm going to cry I just let the tears stream down my face I felt a hand on my shoulder which scared me I got up scared and saw a boy. wait a boy!!

hi guys comment if I should continue and don't forget to like my story 

thanks love yas xxoxx       

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