Where's Timmy


1. Where's Timmy?

It’s been 5 months since Timmy disappeared and still no information on his whereabouts; more and more news reporters are coming each day. I don’t know how much more I can take of this. They just keep asking so many questions about Timmy “Why did he leave?” Well if I knew I would help for the search. Ever since the first day Phillip has just shut down, He’s always in that god damn barn of his working on his tractor. I mean how long can a person spend on one single tractor?, He could be spending that time searching for Timmy or at least passing out flyers and sticking up posters.


I decided to investigate the barn but Phil just wouldn’t let me in, he said he’s been working on something for me, but what was it?

PC Derek came to our farm today; he said that they’ve found a young boy’s body and that they want me to see if it was Timmy. I broke down into tears as soon as they told me; Phillip soon ran into the room, not a single tear came out of his eyes. He just stood up and said “Come on let’s go and see if it’s him”, like nothing has happened.


On the way to the station Phillip looked very nervous, like he had done something wrong. We arrived at the station and as soon as I walked in through the door I fell to the ground and cried. The officers picked me up and took me to the room where the body was being held. I slowly walked into the room; I couldn’t see the body properly so I walked closer, the hair was black but Timmy’s was brown. I thought to myself “This isn’t Timmy!”


I leapt for joy but Phillip on the other hand looked just like he was relieved, there was hardly any joy in his face, but why? Why wouldn’t you be joyful if you found out that your missing child could still be alive?     

“What’s wrong with you? When we found out he could be dead you showed no emotion and when we found out he could be alive you wasn’t happy! WHATS GOING ON?” I yelled.

“Nothing” He replied.

“Well there must be something wrong with you; all you do is work on that tractor in that god damn barn all day! What do you do in there? You said that it’s for me! Well you must be doing something else in there”.

 Phil then grabbed me on the neck and pinned me against the wall and said “Don’t ever shout at me again you stupid women and if you tell anyone about this I will hurt you again!”

“O-o-ok sorry” I nervously said back.

“Yeah you better be” he shouted at the top of his voice.

Now I know he must be hiding something from me or he wouldn’t have attacked me, but what is he hiding? I’ll have to wait until it’s dark so I can sneak into the barn and see what’s in there.

It was finally dark and Phillip had fallen asleep in front of the fire. I carefully stood up and walked out of the room and approached the front door, slowly twisted the door knob and left the house, stepping onto the porch. The wooden slab I stepped on creaked and tripped over a flower pot then the front room light came on and I heard Phillip say

“Who’s there? I’ve got a shot gun!”                                                                         “Get


“Get off my property or I’ll shoot!”

“It’s only me honey go back to sleep” I said quietly


“What do you think you’re doing?” He shouted “GET BACK IN HERE NOW!” He demanded.


 “Ok coming!” I said softly

I guess I’ll have to wait to look in the barn.

It was morning and Phillip was nowhere to be seen, I went up to the barn and as I was about to walk in, Phillip grabbed my shoulder with an almighty grip and said “Where do you think you’re going? You know the barn is my private space”.

“That’s it” I thought to myself I’m going to find out what’s in that barn no matter what, I’ll just put some sleeping pills in his beer later.

It was time; I took three tablets from the bottle, crushed them up and put them in his beer. I took the beer to him. He drank it like he was a pig eating out of a trout he was done in a matter of minutes. I slowly and quietly walked out of the room and headed for the barn, when I got there I took a deep breath and opened the door. All I saw was something hanging in the dark, groaning like crazy. I went closer and it was…… Timmy. He was black and blue and naked. I screamed “OH MY GOD WHAT HAS HE DONE TO MY BABY?”

I quickly undid his chains, wrapped my jacket around him and said “Don’t worry mummy’s here now”.

I immediately called the police there were here 20 minutes later and arrested him. His sentence was life without parole…..







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