''Secret Desire''

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  • Published: 11 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 11 Sep 2014
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Joan leads the boring life of a school teacher but soon all this was about to change. Forever.


1. perfect

                                                  On a shameless night, in a  nameless  place, I thought that love was a hopless case...til I found you...

                                             Britney Spears-''Now that I found you''


     Once Joan asked her mother:

-Mom, how did you know dad was the one?

-Well, dear-said the mother-frankly speaking I had many suitors through the years who wanted to be with me, but when I saw your dad's green eyes for the first time in college, I already knew that I would spend the rest of my life with that man.

-It sounds like a fairytale, mom. I guess such things like finding your soul mate are true.

-A-ha, I and your dad are the living proof for that.

-One day you will find your soul mate, too,honey!

-Hope so, mom-answered Joan and went upstairs to write her homeworks.


                                                                 . . .


  Twenty years had passed since that conversation. Joan is 36 years now, a school teacher and still single. Her mother and father passed away a few years ago and for the moment Joan had only her work.

Her biological clock was ticking and she secretly desires to finally find the man of her dreams.

Sometimes the teacher felt desperate and started to believe that soul mates exist only on the romantic comedies which she watches often at night.

What Joan needs the most was a thrill. A little change in her monotone life. Her profession and the little children at school sucked her energy to the last drop. Yes, every random stranger would confirm that Joan is an old-fashioned school teacher whose only 'fun' in her life ,besides romantic comedies, was checking homeworks.


                                                            . . .


       One day, unexpectedly for her, the boring life of the teacher changed. On Tuesday when she returned from school, Joan found a letter lying on the doormat. She opened the envelope and found out that she won some kind of vacation to Thailand. At first, she thought it was a joke but decided to call the given phone number anyway. It turned out that everything was real and after exactly three days she had to catch the first flight to the Asian country. The flight was already paid beforehand.

Joan was undeviated and responsible woman but this time she didn't give a damn about the school.

-I have the most boring job in the world and deserve to have little fun-thought the teacher and the idea of leaving for a while that ol' city made her really happy. Her eyes brightened.


                                                              . . .


The flight was normal. Joan was curious and excited. She had the strange secret feeling that this vacation is gonna be the first step to her new life. She was never been to Thailand and wanted to see as much as possible from the country. The teacher brought with herself only a backpack and a hat. Nothing more.

The teacher went to the motel and hurried to go out again because didn't want to miss the guided tour around the city of Pak Kret. It was long but useful walk. There was so much to be seen in this city. It looked like Venice and Paris at the same time but had that typical Asiatic architecture and unique temples.

After a little cofee and sandwich break, the guide gathered the group of foreigners and took them to one of the famous temples. This temple's name was ''The temple of secret desires''-explained the guide.

According to the legend, if a man wishes something and lit a special green candle, the wish becomes true. Many of the tourists didn't quite believed in this superstition but Joan did. She closed her eyes, positioned herself in the center of the temple and pronounced inside her head''I WANT TO MEET MY SOUL MATE SOON''. Then she knelt and lit a green candle. Then, she made her way out and when the teacher reached the front gate, couldn't believe her eyes. It was Jimmy-her childhood friend whom she hadn't seen from fifteen years. Joan didn't know that Jimmy's family moved to Thailand because his father was an American ambassador there.

-Jimmy!!!-yelled the teacher,

-I know.....I have always loved you, Joan!

She stared a little longer his light green eyes and couldn't believe this is happening-the letter, the temple, the wish....all of a sudden everything fell into place for her.

-It was my way to bring you here, dear and to tell you that I always loved you......not only as a friend.

Joan hugged Jimmy and then they kissed, leaving the world behind them.

Sooner or later soul mates always find themselves. To love each other forever.


                               ....We never crossed the line,only friends in my mind. But now I realize....it was always you. Can't believe I couldn't see it all this time...


                                                                                        Maroon 5-''It was always you''



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