What If He Did?

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3. Where are You?

Delaney P.O.V


I woke up secreaming as I had just seen my two best friends die in my dream. Fred and George were laying in my lap as they drifted away. I felt a tsunarmi of tears gather in my eyes. Celia woke up before me and shook me awake. If you didn't know I am Delaney Bright. i have the Halfest blood at Hogwarts shool of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My Twin was asking me if I was alright even though she knew what I had just seen. Fred and George may be my best friends but I have come to have feelings a certain red-head. Celia and I have been staying at the Weasley house for 2 days now and we love it. The boys rush in with thier wands in the air looking around for the intruder. The 16 year olds sit on the beds, Fred on mine and George on my twin. George hugs Celia as they have been dating since our 4th year. 

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