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Confident (adjective)

feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one's abilities or qualities.


1. o n e


As I walked down the collage hallway, my head held high, I could feel his stare, but I wasn’t sure if it was him who had his gaze bore into me, I tensed anyway. My converse creaked on the marble floor and I tried not to turn around, knowing he would intimidate me, if it was truly him. But my curiosity got the best of me and I turned around, to confirm my thoughts. It was him.

Blue met green.

My eyebrow rose, and I smirked; I had caught him staring. I turned back around just as the bell rung, and I knew he had lost sight of me, when I relaxed again. I walked over to my car and sped home.


“Jane, what should I write?” Hazel asked. She was trying to tell her crush that she likes him, but she was too shy so I suggested she writes him a note.

“The note doesn’t have to be too long; just write ‘I really like you’ or ‘you’re cute’ or something like that.” I answered. She wrote something down with her little hands then looked up, her blue eyes meeting mine.

“Should I write my name?”

“Do you want him to know it’s you who has a crush on him or do you want him to find out himself?” She thought for a minute.

“I want him to find out himself.”

“Then add a little ‘meet me at Bobby and Me today at 6 PM’.”

“But it’s 9 PM right now.” She frowned.

“You’re giving him the note tomorrow Hazel,” I chuckled.

“You’re right.” I shook my head at her. She yawned.

“Come here,” I lifted her up and carried her to her bedroom. “Sleep tight.” I whispered, kissing her forehead.

I walked back to the living room and searched for my phone. Once in my hands, I unlocked it and figured I have a new text message.

Can I know your name? –H xx

I frowned. I thought he already knew my name.I mean, yeah, we’ve only crossed paths two times but Lilly told me she always talks about me. I quickly dialed her number.

“What’s up, fucker?” Her voice asked.

“Listen up bitch, Harry just texted…” I trailed off. “He asked for my name, but I thought you talked about me.” I answered.

“I did, I just never described you. Plus, he always told me that he had an eye for another girl. He said he didn’t care about this Jane.”

“So what’re you suggesting?”

“I say you give him hints.”

“Thanks bitch.”

“Welcome fucker.” I smiled at our nicknames and hung up.

I think already know my name. –J

What do you mean; I already know your name? -H xx

Maybe you don’t know me personally but I’m sure you’ve heard of me. –A

I don’t think I’ve heard of you, love. But I thought you were J, not A. –H xx

Does Lilly Collins ring a bell? –N

Yeah, she’s my mate’s girlfriend. And she’s talked about a girl. Jane, I think. –H xx

That would be me. –E



As I looked at my phone screen, I tried to register what just happened. Lilly, Zayn’s girlfriend kept talking about this Jane girl. But I kept telling her that I wasn’t interested, because I already liked another girl, that just so happened to be the same girl she was talking to me about.


This was so confusing.

Are you seeing anyone? –H xx

Currently, no. x

I smiled.

Do you have plans for Friday night?

I’m sorry, but I do. I’m going to a party.

Who’s party?

I don’t think you know the guy.

What’s his name?

Luke, he’s my cousin. He also goes to Dana High.

Luke Hemmings?

That’s the one.

I know him.

You do?

I do; he hangs with the gang.


I never knew he was throwing a party.

Well, would you like to come?

But I’m not invited.

I am. You can come as my date.

My eyes widened and I smirked.

I can?

Yeah, I mean, if you want to…

Sure, why not?


What time should I pick you up?

The party starts at nine… Is eight thirty good?


See you then :)

See you then, beautiful. –Harry x

I smiled as I sat on my bed, lying down. My eyes closed, with only one thought in my mind;

I have a chance.

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