Frobo Newton

Gosh well I had to write a story using a bunch of different words involving the three laws of motion for science. it could be silly and fake and all so I did mine on a gnome. it turned out to be kind of cute so I went ahead and posted it on here. there is a good chance there are some mistakes I guess ill find out tomorrow when I turn it in if there is then ill just come back and fix it oh well.


1. Frobo Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

One day, Frobo Newton the gnome was walking in the garden in which the humans had placed him in, when suddenly, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s long-lost fifth cousin twice removed, Cligmon, appeared from the bushes beyond the deer trail to the left. “Hello, Cligmon!” Frobo greeted the Jedi. They went way back, the two friends.

“Hello, Frobo Newton,” Cligmon answered. “What brings you so far from your post?” he questioned, for Frobo had wondered a ways from where the humans liked him to be, where he watched for enemies within a tall tower.

“Actually, I happened to be looking for you,” The gnome explained. I can’t quite seem to wrap my mind around how your sorcery works,” Here Cligmon quickly added, “The force.” “Yes, yes, that thing. It is SO confusing!” Frobo sighed, clearly exasperated. This is why I decided to ask you about a simpler force. Forces we use every day-even those of us that know nothing of your “force”-whether or not we realize it.”

For a moment, Cligmon was stumped. “Well, we don’t really study that, because our own force is so much more powerful;it defies the rules of that smaller force if we want it to.” The disappointment showed clearly on Frobo’s face, so Cligmon quickly added, “But I’d be willing to try and help you find more about this new concept.”

Immediately Frobo’s mood brightened and he became very anxious. “When can we start?” he asked.They started right away, much to Frobo’s delightment.

“Well, I think that the force you are talking about is motion. Let’s think about when an object is in motion. Say, a frisbee. Those plastic plates dogs chase and then chew on? Because there is gravity, even though a frisbee may be thrown pointed towards the sky, it will still be drawn back to the ground. All this time it is moving, but when it hits the ground, it stops. The frisby will not stop, slow down, or speed up unless an unbalanced force somehow has an effect on the frisbee. An unbalanced force will cause a change in the motion of the frisbee. Either the frisbee will stop completely or just simply change the direction or speed in which it is moving. Gravity is an unbalanced force and causes the frisbee to veer downwards. But when the ground and the frisbee collide, the unbalanced forces will together cause the frisbee to eliminate all motion and the frisbee will rest upon the ground. There is a word that basically sums this all up, which is inertia. .Though there is another part of inertia, which says that just like a moving object needs an unbalanced force to cease its motion, the frisbee would need another unbalanced force to cause it to move again, such as my hand picking it up. But if the frisbee is hit by another frisbee that was thrown with the same strength at the same time and had gone the same distance, they would probably both have the same momentum. They would be called balanced forces, where the two forces have the same momentum. Is this what you wanted to hear?" This was exactly what Frobo had wanted. Simple, easily explained information on a type of force.

“Inertia…” Frobo said, as if in a daze. “Inertia, Frobo Newton’s First Law of Motion. I like it! But it seems like everyone knows this truth, even if they don't realize it. It's great to know one Law of Motion, but how about more? Do you have anything else?" Frobo Newton questioned Cligmon.

"Yes I suppose there could be more said on the idea of motion. Well, an unbalanced force acting on an object can also cause it to accelerate, or speed up/move. You, Frobo, are fairly light, due to the fact that you are a gnome, but you are still heavier than a frisbee. Your mass is greater than that of an average frisbee. The smaller the mass being moved the larger the acceleration. This means that because you have more mass than a frisbee, you will easily be able to lift a frisbee from the ground. The frisbee’s small mass led to a simpler movement,” Cligmon replied with ease.

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Frobo. “That’s Frobo Newton’s Second Law of Motion. I think I am really starting to understand! In fact, I have thought of one on my own,” the proud gnome proclaimed.

“Please, enlighten me,” said Cligmon in all sincerity. Frobo began, “For every action made, there is an equal or opposite reaction.” Frobo almost jumped with pride when a look of confusion came across Cligmon’s face. The clever jedi had been stumped by the words of a mere gnome! Still, Frobo began to explain himself. “When we go up stairs, the structure is steady and can support us and our mass. Just as our weight pushes down on the stairs, the stairs are pushing back. This is another example of balanced forces. We are not thrown up into the air, nor does the floor collapse beneath our feet. This would be an equal reaction. If suddenly the ground lost it’s capability of doing so, we would crash through it. This is an opposite reaction. Right?” Frobo finished by aiming that question at his friend.

“Yes, indeed you do seem to be right. Well, I suppose there is Frobo Newton’s Third Law of Motion. I am impressed, Frobo,” said astonished Cligmon. The gnome had never been known to have said anything clever before. This event would surely go down in the books!

“Really?!” said Frobo, now almost bashful. What a kind and rare compliment!

That day they both parted each other having learned many new things. And thus is the tale of Frobo Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, though these days it is usually shortened down to simply: Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.

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