neji x oc love you, love you not???? which one!?

so my oc luna hatana is inlove with Neji but says she doesnt so what is going to happen when she ends up on a 3 month mission with him.


1. begining the mission pt 1

name: luna hatana
age: 16
personality: smart,quiet,she is crazy strong *like sakura*, she can easily get pissed off, she holds honnor for her clan.
*image of cover is her*

Luna was currently in the fifth's office getting a mission with Sakura to protect the kazekage Gaara back to the sand village. luna and sakura took the scroll and bowed and told garra to meet them at the gate at dawn and left.
"we have to be on high alert tommorow on our way to the sand village Sakura did you hear about the rouge ninjas who are attacting people of late?" luna asked as she walked with her

"yeah i hear naruto,Kiba and Lee had a mission and while the were asleep their money was stollen and they came back the next day with wounds they must have woken up and got in a fight or something" she said thinking they blamed each other for stealing each others money. luna nodded and gasped as she bumbed into someone and fell on her butt.

"Luna you alright" sakura asked helping her up " yea im fine" she replied back and looked at who she bumped into and her eyes went wide. NEJI!!!!!!!!!

'holy shit i just bumbed into neji now he'll think im weak' she thought. Neji looked at Luna and said nothing but bent down to pick up something. Luna looked at him confussed untill he handed her scroll back "" he said and walked away. Luna stood the blankly looked at him as he walked away and sakura had to shake her to get her back to normal. "hey Luna you alright" she asked and luna nodded and looked at her smiling to reasure her and said "we got some time how about we go to the hot springs quickly" Luna sugested and sakura agreed and they went to relax.



luna meets up with Gaara at the gate aaand wait for Sakura who is most likely tring to get up but a certain shikamaru is stopping her. "hurry up sakura" luna mubbled under her breath as she tapped her foot and crossed her arms. Gaara sighed and looked at luna "is someone keeping her back or something" he asked Luna and she nodded "yea most likely Shikamaru saying something like too troublesome" she answered him back and looked off into the streets and spotted sakura's famous pink locks speeding towards them and smiled "there she is" she said and motioned Gaara to follow her through the gate as sakura caught up to them.

"hey sorry i was late shikamaru wouldn't let me go" she said rubbinng her neck as she ran next to luna. Luna nodded and smiled slightly "well lets get moving to make up time" she said and they all began to run faster through the trees for the rest of the day until dusk. "okay lets set up camp here" Luna said as they stopped for the night and began to set up tent. "okay i'll take first watch" Gaara said and sat up in a tree as luna and sakura got in the tent.


hey this is part one tell me in the comments if you want a part 2 and any ideas or if you want to have a occ in my story





hope you enjoyed pt 1






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