Life with the Weasley Twins (harry potter fanfic)

It's Sephira Potter's last year at Hogwarts and her hardest. Umbridge targets her especially and won't stop at anything to hurt her, meanwhile barley anybody believes her and Harry that Voldemort has returned, but her best friends Fred and George Weasley distract her from all of that.


2. Owling Angielina

I woke up to an owl tapping on my window. I got up and let him in. It was my best girl friend, Angelina's, owl, Murphy.

Hey Sephira,

How are you? I'm fine, in case you're wondering. Things have been crazy here. Mum and Dad left for two weeks and we got to stay with my older brother Levi. Levi took us out to the beach and we got to meet his girlfriend. Guess who it is. It's Elizabeth Fridwell! Remember her? She was that goody-two-shoes prefect who would always yell at us in our 4th year. Well I'll owl you again later, Levi wants to take us to dinner.

Love Angelina

I laughed. Of course I remembered Elizabeth. Who wouldn't? She yelled at us in third year for blowing up a toilet and again in our fourth for blowing up a turkey during the Christmas feast.

Still chuckling I grabbed a quill and a piece of parchment and wrote back

Hey Angie,

I'm fine but bored out of my mind. Fred and George won't tell me where they are, the Muggles are ignoring us like usual (although I can hardly call that bad) and I miss you of course! And Elizabeth Fridwell dating your brother?! They are the most different people on earth if I remember them correctly and I'm pretty sure I do. Did Elizabeth remember you or not? If she did tell me what she said!

Lots'o love, Sephira

After attaching my letter to Murphy's leg and sending him off I decided to get dressed. I threw on a knee length, baby blue spaghetti-strap dress, a pair of blue sandals and then turned to look in the mirror. I was the exact opposite of Harry, while he looked like our Dad but had our Mums eyes I looked like Mum and had our Dads eyes. Long dark red hair, average height and a not-fat-but-not-supermodel-skinny body type and to top it off I had a deep chocolate brown eyes with flecks of green inside. And let's not forget the scar, the scar that everyone is always fussing over, right on the side of my cheek. While Harry had hair to hide his my, ugly lightning-bolt shaped scar got to be displayed for everyone to see.

I started to comb out my hair, tearing out all the knots. I was not a fancy person, the way I dress had dress' in the attire but they weren't fancy, I never wore makeup and would much rather have my hair cut by Fred and George then ever wax or pluck anything.

I was just finishing up on my hair when I heard Aunt Petunia yelling for me.

"Coming!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs

"Good lord girl, do you think you could be any louder! You'll wake up the whole neighborhood." Uncle Vernon said gruffly

"Sorry." I replied sitting down at the table. Suddenly I felt something brush against my leg. It was my cat Minerva.


"Yes sir." I said under my breath as I grabbed Minerva around the waist and ran up the stairs with her.

When I got back down Harry was there, eating a chunk of grapefruit. I sat down by him and whispered

"I'm going to go on a run today, do you think you could time me?" he nodded so that no none else could see

"Thanks." I whispered back and with that we sat in silence and ate our grape fruit for the rest of the morning.

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