Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream

[Fanseries] The Storybook Kingdom where all stories live has been destroyed by the Bad-End Writers. Leaving only Cure Raven of the original PreCure to survive and serperated from her fairy Hood. It's up to Cure Pixie, Cure Mirror, Cure Mermaid and Cure Raven to stop history from repeating. But will they survive or will the threads of fate be the end of them?


3. A Beautiful Mermaid!

"What am I doing here?" A girl with black slightly spiked hair that went to her mid back asked. Her dark brown eyes darted from left to right, through the rain she could see in front of her was her PreCure Storybook its key still lodged inside it. The teen looked down at herself, she was still wearing her black transformation dress.

"Amaya-oneechan, save me please!" the same chilling scream of one of her partners' voices rang through her mind. Gingerly Amaya picked up the book and looked at it then pulled the key out and she was then put back into her civilian outfit. A simple black dress with thin straps on it, the trim was gold and the bottom was ruffled slightly. She also wore black Mary Jane's.

"I gotta get it, the Royal Table of Contents. I can't let history repeat itself, not this time." Amaya held the book and key close to her and she shakily stood up. Through the rain she began treading through the woods though it was hard as she took damage. Though surprisingly minor damage, a sprained ankle and a sore back.

Sora smiled to herself as she brushed her long hair, today was Saturday. A weekend day for her, well anyone who lived in Hon Town, as their town passed the law for five days of school a week. Hood just sat there eating yet another bowl of Captain Munch. Sora just smiled and brushed her hair, already she had grown to love her Cure form, and she secretly hoped to transform again very soon. After all it wasn't everyday you got to be a pixie themed super hero with a lazy...bee mascot.

"Today's outfit is awesome!" the dirty blonde smiled confidently and stood up showing her outfit to Hood. Hood kind of stared lazily at the girl, not because her outfit was was the fact he was just to lazy to care. Her outfit today was a green tank top with a pink neckline, a three tiered green skirt, and green shoes with pink on them. She kept her hair the same today except two strands that they waved out.

"So...are we going to see that new Cure, Sumiko, or what~hoho?" Hood asked sighing impatiently as he flew into the girl's arms.

"Yep!" Sora smiled and opened the door to her bedroom, for some reason she had a feeling something good was going to happen again. She started down the stairs making sure not to bounce on her butt again. "I'm off to a friend's house, mama." The pixie themed Cure said as she started towards the front door, Hood stood still trying his best to act like a stuffed animal in the pixie themed girl's arms. She grabbed her green smart-phone off the charger near the door. Then she stuffed it in her old green purse she wore which held her PreCure Storybook and forty nine dollars and six cents in it.

"Going to visit Momo today?" Nanami asked cocking her head to one side.

"Nope, a new friend of mine, Sumiko Yamada." With that she opened the door and closed it behind her. Leaving her mother dumbfounded on who Sumiko was. However as Sora ran down the street a newspaper flew into view: Four Missing Girls, Amaya Shimazaki, Rima Hoshimiya, Umiko Kawasawa, and Rei Oshiro.

(OP: Purikyua Story – Yukari Tamura ft. Hood)

The park is where they decided to meet up today, the park was actually not very crowded. But then again, except the school nothing really ever was too crowded. In Hon Town they had so many attractions or places people needed, but as this was a fairly small town surrounded by miles upon miles of trees. It was no wonder no one really ever found their way to Hon Town.

Sora sat down on one of the benches that connected to a table, setting her bag down Hood came out and lazily sat on the table. The dirty blonde looked up to see her Cure partner walking towards the table. In all honesty, Sumiko didn't look much different then usual. Her white hair today kept it's same length and everything and the outfit almost practically told she was Sumiko. Her outfit was quite simple, a white slightly above the knee dress that had a longish neck that had a small golden bow on it and two gold like bandages that kept it in place, she also wore golden sneakers with it. And oddly enough it didn't really look out of place.

"I don't really care about being fashionable..." Sumiko sweatdropped as she set her PreCure Storybook on the table and sat down. "More importantly we need to figure out a strategy." The white haired girl said pushing her glasses up.

"Strategy?" Sora asked cocking her head to one side. "I thought we would just use brute force to beat them." she said.

Sumiko's face turned into something along the lines of this; -_-'. "Your kidding right?" she asked. She had begun to wonder if this girl was a few tacos short of a fiesta. But honestly, even whacky people had some-type of plan, but Sora was obviously a special case.

"Nope, I never have plans, I just do things at random." Sora laughed and rubbed the back of her head. The two had completely ignored Hood and right now he laid on the table, fast asleep and snoring. Oddly enough it was like hearing a little church mouse talk, so the two Cures didn't even hear it.

"Without a plan then what are we supposed to do?" Sumiko asked pushing her glasses up and putting some hair behind her ear. "Honestly, I think we should use defense as offense." she shot a soft glare at the dirty blonde haired girl who blinked.

"No, we need brute force!" Sora protested failing her arms around like a little kid.

"Defense as offense!" Sumiko slammed her palms on the table and stood up as her glasses slid down a bit.

This same back and forth argument went on for about fifteen minutes, until someone spoke up. "Need some help?" the voice asked and the Cures turned around to see Kayo. Today she wore a red ruffly dress similar to the one Amaya wore however the trim to Kayo's dress was blue, she also wore red flats and was holding a large bento box shipped from the Oomori Bento Shop.

For a few seconds the Cures blinked at Kayo who just continued to smile.

(Title Card: Making A Big Splash! Cure Mermaid Appears!)

"Who is she?" Sumiko asked looking at her Cure partner, Sora just sheepishly laughed. "I saved her from those bullies the Three Beckys."

"Yep she sure did," Kayo smiled.

"But I still don't know how you can help us." The white haired girl sighed crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well you guys were talking about how to win a video game, right? Your having a hard time picking a fighting strategy, right? Even though I don't like video games I can sure help you guys out!" Kayo gave an airhead like smile and her shoulders went up.

Sora cocked her head to one side, her long dirty-blonde-ish hair following her in suit. Sumiko blinked a little and Hood just sat still like a stuffed animal. Though it wasn't a video game that was happening Sumiko did realize that Kayo could be useful. Video games, it was similar to what was happening to them right now. So maybe the theories and logical thinking of that said thing could very well to lead to their survival.

"Okay, sure." Sumiko nodded and pushed up her glasses.

"Shame on you!" King Wolf howled and slashed Princess's arm and blood began to pour from the would. "All of you so far are complete failures!"

Magpie flinched ever so slightly as she watched her fellow villain get smacked and clawed then thrown across the room. Princess shakily crawled under the sofa and sobbed quietly. Piggy once again was too busy stuffing his gob, this time with a giant bowl of ghost pepper hot sauce over cookies and pears. Which seriously repulsed every single one of the villains.

"History is repeating itself...even if the Ending Clock gets completed before they find out where we are, I can feel how much stronger they already." the wolf grumbled and sat on his chair. He pointed to Piggy and snarled, "go." And with that the fat villain disappeared.

The two girls listened to what Kayo had to say and actually had come to agree on the situation.

"See if you two use both strategies then you should be perfectly fine!" Kayo gave a cheerful smile, she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the left slightly.

Sora and Sumiko looked at each other and for once Sora didn't smile, she was actually serious. They both nodded in agreement, if they did use both of their strategies together then they were sure they could easily beat a Yaminaa. Though that was the least of their concerns, while neither mentioned it they did wonder who the final Cure is. They already knew Cure Raven existed so that was one, but who was the final member?

"Oh man! I'm so late!" Kayo squeaked her sea green eyes widened and she stood up then looked at them. "Would you like to come with me to my papa's work?"

"Sure~!" Sora exclaimed and stood up suddenly and smiled as she put her and Sumiko's PreCure Storybooks in her purse.

"Fine..." her white haired companion said in a reluctant tone and stood up and picked up Hood.

"Let's go!" Kayo cheered and walked forward only to trip over her feet and landed on her face. Luckily the bento she needed to give to her father didn't spill with her. Sumiko sighed and with Sora the two helped the red haired girl up and they continued on their merry way.

"Eh?!" Sora exclaimed and looked up at the titanic sized building the three were standing in front of.

"I thought you knew that her father is the creator of Inoue Video Co." Sumiko sweatdropped and pushed her glasses up as she looked at the dirty blonde that is her partner.

"Nope..." the dirty blonde trailed off her tone sounded very sheepish as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Ready everyone?" Kayo asked in an upbeat tone as she looked at her two new friends. The two nodded and they all walked inside, Sora tried not to gap at what she

People by the dozens were scattered everyone, some packing video games into boxes so they could be shipped off to neighboring cities like Natura City. Others were testing out video games to see if there were any mess ups or anything like that. Some people were even designing video games by the dozen, Sora had never seen anything like it before. However to Kayo this was just normal business, and nothing seemed to impress Sumiko. Then again nothing ever did.

They walked to an elevator which had two big men in black suits with sunglasses on and guns on their hip.

"Good afternoon Ms. Inoue, here to give your father his dinner? Are these friends of yours?" two men wearing black suits looked down at Kayo who nodded. The two men stepped aside and Kayo pressed the up button on the elevator, in a few seconds the elevator opened and they all got in. Sora marveled at how the elevator looked on the inside. With real velvet carpet and a long bench with cushions attached to it to sit on. The dirty blonde had never seen such luxury. Though Kayo was used to it and Sumiko was only slightly impressed this time and Kayo pushed the sixteenth floor button.

On top of the building Piggy stood stuffing his gob, waiting for the right time to strike the PreCure.

"No one in the building looks good enough to turn into a Yaminaa." Piggy sighed as he took five bags of potato chips and stuffed the whole thing in his mouth, followed by three trays that held cookies and potatoes, and to top it off a whole four bottles of hot sauce and three whole cooked chickens.

"I sense a dark presence~hoho..." Hood awoke and whispered to Sumiko who's face hardened, Kayo was too busy humming, however Sora heard loud and clear.

(Eyecatch 1: Sumiko and Amaya are seen together watching as Sora and Kayo struggle to do their homework. Hood suddenly falls out of nowhere sending papers everywhere. Sumiko and Amaya sweatdrop as Sora and Kayo chase Hood, the Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream logo can be seen on the center bottom of the screen.)

(Eyecatch 2: Sora appears playing with a jack in the box with the other Cures(in civilian form) and Hood right behind her looking over her shoulder. It appears to not work and she starts slamming her fist on the toy. Suddenly it explodes into light and the girls are now in their Cure forms. They look curious at one another with Hood equally confused by what happend. The Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream logo appears on the center bottom of the screen.)

"Where though..." Sora contemplated on where the villain was at though a loud ding signaling they were at the top floor. They got off and walked into Yusei Inoue's office.

"Hi papa." Kayo smiled at her father, who had long red hair and a stern light blue eyes, he was busy writing shipping labels for a new video game to be shipped to Natura City.

"Just set my dinner down of there," Yusei gruffly said pointing over to a small desk, Kayo frowned and set it down on the small desk. "Now go."

Sora frowned but for a different reason entirely, she didn't think it was fair at all. This man's daughter had walked over two miles to give him his dinner and this was the thanks she got? Her dad ordering her to put the dinner some place and just telling her to go? No hugs or a thank you? "That isn't fair to Kayo at all! She came all the way here and yet you treat her this way!" the dirty blonde protested.

"Sora it's fine." Kayo forced one of her signature smiles.

"Besides it no our concern..." Sumiko sighed and the three began walking towards the elevator.

It's none of that girl's business how I treat my daughter...but she's right...Yusei thought and sighed sadly.

No one could have seen what was coming. Piggy suddenly flew into the room through one of the windows and cackled, Sumiko and Sora turned around and Hood for once decided not to be lazy and flew out of Sumiko's arms. Kayo stepped back in terror too paralyzed with fear to move, Yusei had fallen out of his chair and had tried to get away.

"The conflicted emotions are perfect! May your story end right here, come out Yaminaa!" Piggy cackled and slammed his staff on the ground. Yusei screamed loudly as he glowed and was placed in a blank book and it closed and locked. A beam of dark energy blast out and hit a Wii and a fan at the same time.

The clock appeared once more and the third number glowed brightly. This time the hallowing became slightly louder and sounded like nails on a chalk board in many ways. Also this time a little girl with long brown hair done up in two pigtails was shown wearing a yellow transformation dress. Yet another sad smile plastered on the young girl's face. The most ominous thing about it...she seemed to be not even in her teens, she looked like a mere child.

Every one watched in horror, even Piggy who decided to flee. The two items infused into one super Yaminaa that was mainly a Wii but with a fan attached to its back.

"Yaminaa!" it roared furiously.

"" Sumiko said and her jaw dropped, something actually surprised the girl.

"Kayo stay with your father, we'll get him back!" Sora promised her tone sounding very sure of herself and Kayo snapped out of it and stood behind the blank book that held her father in it shaking horribly. The dirty blonde dropped her purse after she pulled out her and Sumiko's PreCure Storybooks.

"Pretty Cure, It's Story Time!" The two girl's yelled after Hood shot out their keys and they slammed them into the keyholes of their books and turned it.

"Turning faith into pixie dust, Cure Pixie!" Cure Pixie yelled posing.

"Reflecting everyone's destiny, Cure Mirror!" Cure Mirror yelled posing.

Hood flew over to Kayo who sat down her knees up and she shivered. "Try to calm down~hoho." Hood tried reassuring the terrified red head.

"Dear God please let this be a dream! Bees aren't suppose to talk and papa isn't suppose to be a monster!" Kayo sobbed putting her hands on her head as the battle raged on.

Cure Pixie charged at the Yaminaa however was knocked out of the window and fell on to another building, citizens screamed and ran away as the monster jumped out and hovered above the town. Reporters came out and began almost instantly doing news on it right away and wannabe recorders recorded the strange event.

Cure Mirror yelled and kicked the monster also known as she took her heel and stabbed the monster in the side. However just as she did she was grabbed and thrown down on the ground. Pixie launched off the building and charged one of her sub attacks, "Pixie Dust Impact!" She cried and blasted the monster aback with the attack.

"Yaminaa!" It roared and tried to grab Pixie who dodged and glared.

"Pixie Dust Splash!" the pixie themed Pretty Cure yelled as a large sphere appeared in front of her. She thrust her palms out and the ball exploded and turned into a giant wave of pixie dust and light and hit the monster dead on hitting it into the pavement.

Cure Mirror struggled to stand but did and every person still there watched her get up, even the people in the buildings watched. Mirror yelled and ran forward and balled up her fist. "Mirror Breaker!" She cried and punched the monster sending a giant white energy wave everywhere as her fist made impact. However it did little damage and she was grabbed and thrown into Cure Pixie and they landed into the rubble of a building.

"We can't win at this rate." Cure Pixie grunted and grabbed Mirror's hand tried helping her out of the rubble, the two stumbled forward and watched in horror as the Yaminaa glared. Though they could barely turn their heads they saw Kayo and heard her yelling.

"Stop it, papa!" Kayo cried as Hood sat on her shoulder.

The Yaminaa however did not listen and flew off the ground and turned around suddenly. The fan began spinning and wind blew harshly, Kayo cried out and made a weak shield with her left arm. However the wind knocked her out of the building and she held onto a wire that was already starting to snap. She could really think about much other then that her future was going to end right here. But Kayo pushed those thoughts back, she had to save her father. The cameras were too focused on Cure Mirror and Pixie weakly fighting the Yaminaa to notice that the fourteen year old red-head was hanging on for dear life. Hood was panicking just as bad however...

"Please keep holding on~hoho!" Hood cried, but when Cure Pixie went to go try to save the two she was knocked down. However Cure Mirror did an elbow jab on the monster sending it forward.

"Hood do something!" Cure Pixie begged as she used a Pixie Cutter on the monster, however she was knocked aside quickly and pain shot through her as she cut her arm on a rock. Cure Mirror cried out and kicked the monster twice only for it to shoot two disc of energy at the white and gold PreCure. She yelled dodging one and the other she glared as it came at her.

"Mirror Wall!" Mirror yelled and thrust her palms out as a barrier appeared and blocked it, though it cracked quickly and she fell down into a small broken building.

"No, I can't die here...I gotta save papa and the town." Kayo whispered to herself as she faintly glowed red as the series opening song Purikyua Story played in the background. "Please Hood...make me a Pretty Cure..." She whispered as the wire finally gave out and they fell to their appending doom, however they were engulfed in a giant ball of red light.

The Cures stopped fighting and everyone focused their camera's on the light even if they couldn't see anything. Kayo looked in front of her as her PreCure Storybook appeared in front of her, "final Cure found~hoho!" Hood squealed and Kayo followed what her seniors did.

Hood shot her key out, which had a red ribbon on it the soon to be Pretty Cure grabbed her key. "Pretty Cure, It's Story Time!" Kayo yelled and slammed her key into the keyhole and turned it. Red light blast out and the book disappeared, now Kayo wore a red transformation dress and was in a red background with sea green stripes.

Her hair glowed and was now in twin drills that connected to her red ondagos, Kayo smiled brightly as she spun and water encased her upper half and lower half. Her towel dress was now replaced with a very pretty outfit. The top was a sea green blouse with a red bow in the center with a gold keyhole on it, the shoulders were ruffled. The bottom was now a red mini skirt with five layers of sea green frills over red biker shorts, Kayo smiled and spun like a ballerina as water engulfed her completely. When the water exploded her outfit was complete, she wore knee high red boots with gold keyholes on each side of her ankles. She wore one white pearl bracelet on each wrist and had pearl earrings to match, her eyes were now a light sea green. Two small sea green bows with keyholes, one on each ondago kept it together. To finish of the transformation she waved her hand over her right hip and her PreCure Storybook appeared on her right hip in a white case with a red keyhole lock. She then posed.

"Making a beautiful splash, Cure Mermaid!" Kayo now Cure Mermaid spun around with bubbles, they popped and she then posed, her right hand on her right hip, her left hand making a piece sign.

Cure Mermaid landed safely on the ground as everyone stared in awe and she put Hood gently on the rubble. "Mermaid Melody!" Mermaid cried and suddenly music notes swirled around Cure Pixie and Cure Mirror who were in their transformation dresses do to the damage. They glowed and they appeared in their Cure outfits completely unharmed. Luckily the cameras had focused on them just as they were enveloped in light.

"A new hero! Cure Mermaid suddenly appeared!" The reporter shouted into the camera.

Cure Mermaid suddenly jumped up and put her legs together and they glowed sea green, then they urned into a large mermaid tail. Like the last time the words came to her naturally. "Mermaid Tail Slash!" Mermaid cried and slashed the monster hard with her tail and managed to get it into a crater and a large piece of debris fell off a building and hit it hard. However it stood up and when Cure Mirror and Pixie went to go attack it Mermaid stop them. "I'll save papa."

"Good luck, Mermaid." Mirror nodded.

"Splash free forever! Pretty Cure," Mermaid yelled and a giant water sphere appeared in front of her, spinning around she smiled lightly. "Lovely Tsunami!" With that she thrust her palms out and the water ball burst open and a giant tsunami with thousands of small explosive bubbles flooded forth. It hit the monster straight on and she smiled and turned around, "may the holy waters make your story continue!" She yelled and the monster exploded. The place turned to normal and Yusei came out of the book looking confused.

People swarmed the PreCure.

"What are your names, please tell us!" The reporter begged.

"Turning faith into pixie dust, Cure Pixie!" Cure Pixie yelled posing.

"Reflecting everyone's destiny, Cure Mirror!" Cure Mirror yelled posing.

"Making a beautiful splash, Cure Mermaid!" Cure Mermaid yelled posing.

The next words came out of nowhere.

"Unlocking a new story for everyone, Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream!" They yelled doing their group pose then they ran away Pixie picking up Hood before anyone could see them. They jumped up on a building and kept running until they were out of sight.

As the Cures now in civilian forms kept walking down a basically vacant street they thought of many things. Like what was everyone going to say? Did anyone recognize who they were? Plus Kayo, she wanted to check on her father though there was too much commotion!

"But to be honest even if we become the talk of the town we'll be okay..." Sora trailed off and smiled.

"How?" Sumiko asked curious.

"'Cause we're..." Sora started smiling brighter and Kayo followed suit and the three locked hands and ran forward. Though reluctant Sumiko joined in to and smiled.

"Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream!" They yelled and jumped up and smiled brightly.

(ED: Wonderful Story Samba! - Shakira)

Next Time On Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream:

Cure Pixie: Who are you?

?: ...

Cure Mirror: Is that our final member?!

Cure Mermaid: She looks super cute!

?: I am Cure Raven! And I refuse to join you!

Fairytale Trio: I Won't Listen! Cure Raven Is Hostile!

May the next story also receive a happy ending!

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