Just a no one on twitter

Mace is a rebel.

Melissa is a cheerleader.

One direction is famous.

Mace and Mel's world have already crash together. It worked out fine.

But what's going to happen when Niall and Louis watch their twitcam and all three wolds collide.

Mel's world+ maces world+ one directions world= one recipe of a huge mess.


1. sing it sister

Chapter 1

Maces POV

"Come on let's do a twitcam" my friend Melissa wines.

"Fine, but it's going to be on your account" I sigh.

"YAY" she screams.

"Jeez my ear drums like to not bleed you know"

"Ya, I know" she laughs.

She logs in on her twitter, she goes to turn in the twitcam.

"WAIT" I yell.

"What?" Mel asks.

I go and pick up two ninja turtle masks. "Put this on so no one knows who we are"

I give her the Donny one (he's her favorite), and I put Mikey's on.

"Ok you may start now" I say after we both have them on.

"Hi world" she says way to perky. I'm not the perky type. I'm more if the rebel, lone wolf, sassy kind. She's a cheerleader. I'm a natural brunet but I dyed my hair blonde. I also have black, green and pink in it.

Like I said she's a cheerleader and has natural brown hair. We couldn't be any more different.

"Sup" I nod towards the camera.

" that's it we have 50 people watching and all you say is 'sup'?" She gasps.

"I'm so sorry I'll try again" I look down and look back up. "Hey" I say.

Melissa starts laughing. I crack a smile.

"You should sing" Mel says she stopped laughing.

"NO" I hiss.

"No one will no who you are" she wines.

"Fine" I sigh. "What am I singing"

"I think you should sing 'shake it off" by Taylor swift"

"Well I only know a little bit" I smile shyly.

"Sing it sister" Mel snaps her fingers.

" ok here we go" i take a deep breath "my ex boyfriend brought his new girlfriend and she's like 'oh my god' but I'm just gonna shake it. To the man over there with the hella great hair. Why don't you come on over here and can shake shake Shake it off...........

Ya I I i shake off I shake it off

I i I sake it off

I shake it off" i know more but I just stop there.

"Your so good" Melissa claps. " hey people want to know what to call us" Mel looks at me.

"Well my twitter is @just_a_no_one so call me no one"

"Well then call me someone" Mel smiles. "Well we have to go now. We'll see all....... Wow....... 2000 of you next time" Mel gasps. I do too

Niall's POV

Im so bored.

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