The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


4. sneak peek

Harry's POV

"Harry Styles" she whispers.

"Come on love we need to get you to a hospital." I say and lead her to my car.

"NO! Um- I-I mean can you just t-take me home?" she stops in her tracks and looks at me.

"Are you sure your ok you really should go to the hospital." I say also stopping and turning to face her. My checks go a little red when I notice she's not wearing a shirt. Holly shit did he try to rap her. She notices me starting at her and blushes. She suddenly widens her eyes and puts her arms behind her back. weird.

" i'm fine just let me grab my shirt" she runs back into the dark ally.

It's been about 10 minutes and I was getting worried. I was ganna call her name but I don't know it.


Was the last thing I heard I felt a blow to the back of my head I fell to the floor and everything went black.

A/N haha just because I wanna see you squirm ;) sneak peek I'm just excited I need to stop 😂👏

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