The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


8. chapter 7

Tea'a P.O.V

Me and Harry are sitting at the dinning table. After Harry pulled down my sleeve I kinda lost it. I slapped him. I feel bad but he had no right to do that. He doesn't know me. He can't judge me like that. We have been sitting in silence for 10 minutes.

"What happened that night Tea why did you take so long?" I closed my eyes and kept my head low


(The night they where kidnapped)

"It's find just let me grab my shirt" I run back into the dark ally. I can't believe HARRY STYLES just saved my life!! It was dark but luckily I could just barely see my shirt thrown on the ground. I walked over picking it up and throwing it on. I begin walking when I felt a hand cover my mouth and throw me against the brick wall. I granted at the pain I felt running through my back. My eyes finally meet some one I never thought I would see again. Jason.

"You think you could just skip town like that. You think I wouldn't find you" he spat.

"Your mine" he whispered with a smirk. He began running his tongue round my face. That nasty bastered. Some how I found the strength to pushed his heavy body off of me causing them to stumble over.

"NO Jason I was never yours. Leave me the fuck alone. I'm not here by myself either so fuck off!" I said I was ready to Leap and run when I felt a arm rip my down throwing me to the ground. The pain was unreal. I couldn't even breathe I was gasping for air. It felt like someone filled up a bag with bricks and was beating my back with it. A tear left my eye but I quickly wiped it away remembering the promise I made myself to never cry in front of this douche bag again.

"Who your little boy toy out side waiting for you yeah he should be dead any minuet now since Clay should be there any minute now." My eye widen I couldn't let this happen Harry didn't deserve this.

"HARRY!!!!" I screamed to the top of my lungs. I couldn't say any more due to the fact I felt a rag cover my mouth slowly suffocating me. Then everything went black. I'm dead I thought.

**********END OF FLASHBACK*********

"I don't wanna talk about it." I said in a low whisper but just loud enough for him to hear me. My eye where still tightly shut.

"Why? Tea I don't know how to help you if you want tell me anything. I didn't wanna go straight to the point of 'why you cut' so I wanted to start with this. Tea I wanna help just tell me something" he said almost shouting the last part now it's my turn.

"YOU DONT KNOW ME HARRY!!!! Like god I'm a huge Directioner but I don't even know you. The really you. You can't just judge me. We only meet a day ago! I don't need your help I don't need you to save me. You know nothing. You don't know me!" I spat and stood up from my seat at the table. Anger boiling inside of me. Harry seemed shocked and he lowed his head. A tear streamed down him face it was silent for a good five minutes as least. Before he finally looked up his eyes where red and he's checks carried tears.

"I know. Your right. I don't know you. But I knew someone like you. And I couldn't save her I turned my back on her and I'm not doing the same with you. I don't care that i don't know you. I will. I'll make it my mission. Tea I know we only just meet but who cares I've felt so close to you. I will save you Tea. I will do whatever it takes." He said almost whispering the last part. I think he was saying it more to him self then me. But this time it was my turn to let a tear fall.

"I'm afraid. I always will be. My past haunts me every day of my life. I'll never be able to leave that chapter of my life there's nothing you can do. There's nothing anyone can do." I said Harry walked up to my and wiped away the tears that have fallen. I closed my eyes and laid my head on his chest.

"Don't be afraid anymore." He whispered kissing the top of my head.

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