The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


7. chapter 6

Tea's POV

My eyes fluttered open but my vision was blurry. I brought my hands up to my face and wiped my eyes as I sat up from the bed. Oh thank god it was just a dream. I jumped when I suddenly heard a loud thud come from out side of my room. I throw the warm sheets off of my body and grabbed the baseball bat that led on the side of my bed. I slowly and quietly walked out of my room caring the bat. Another loud thud follows by something shattering scared the living day shit out of me. I entered the kitchen ready to swing. I stopped In My tracks when he suddenly trued around. SHIT NOT A DREAM.

"Harry?" He had stuff all over his face I almost started laughed

"Oh Tea sorry did I wake you? I was just making breakfast. But I um kinda made a little mess" he said with a cheeky smile. I chuckled a little.

"yeah it's kinda on your face"I said pointing trying to hold in my laughs witch I failed at. He chuckled

"You have a bathroom I can used to clean up?" He said smiling again.

"Yeah first door on the right. But before you go can I do something?" I said. He gave a confused look but smiled and nodded.

"OMG HARRY STYLES IS IN MY HOUSE WE ARE TALKING AND HE WANTS TO USED MY BATHROOM!" I yelled jumping up and down like a crazy fan girl. Harry started laughing and fell on the floor. Clutching he's stomach tears in his eyes. I smiled and crouched down giving him a hand to help him up. I pulled him up and he wiped away his tears.

"Sorry had to do that kinda got robbed out of that the first time we meet." I said with a cheeky smile on my face. He smile and walked close to me and have me a hug. I hugged him back and he whispered into my ear

"I knew you where a Harry's girl" he said in a low raspy voice. It sent chills down my spin. And my checks went red.

"Actually Zayn has my heart". I say with a smirk. OMG You should have seen his face. I started lugging and harry just rolled his eyes playfully and left for the bathroom. I finally stopped laughing when I heard him open the bathroom door and suddenly stopped in his tracks. He looked like he just saw a ghost.

Harry's P.O.V

I rolled my eyes playfully as Tea laughed. I walked it the bathroom and opened the door I stopped at the sight if blood all over the floor. My face went pale. Did she-did she cut? I looked around and saw a razor covered in blood on the floor. The only reason I knew that the blood was probably from cutting is because is my sister. It all makes since now her wearing long sleeve shirts it wasn't cold. Her moving her arms behind her back that first night I had to see for my self tho. I turned around and walked toward Tea.

"H-Harry w-whats-" I cut her off by garbing her arm and tearing down her sleeve. She whimpered in pain a little but I didn't care. I gasped at the sight of her arm cut after cut scar after scar covered her arm like it's on sleeve. I pulled down the sleeve not wanting to see anymore she ripped her arm away. Slapping me across my face with tears in her eyes. I looked into her eyes and saw only pain.

"Never again" I said flatly. More tears quickly rolled down the side of her cheeks. As she started to sob. I tried pulling her into my chest but she only pushed my away.

"NO!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU DONT KNOW ME HARRY!!" She yelled. She went to slap me again but I caught her hand and pulled her into a hug this time she didn't fight back she collapsed in my arms sobbing into my chest.

"Shhh it's ok" I whispered as rub her back in circles. We stayed my that until she stopped crying. She pulled away and looked Into my eyes as I stared deep into hers.

"No it's not it's never ganna be ok"

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