The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


6. chapter 5

Tea's P.O.V

He's dead.

A limb body laid on the cold hard concrete floor. But it's not the body I expected it to be. It's Jason's. I looked up to see Harry with a black handgun in his hand pointed to the body. Did I just see Harry Styles kill some one? No. No he-he couldn't. I'm not thinking straight. Harry said something but I couldn't make it out. My mind was running up and down. Jason's dead. Harry Styles killed him. The guy from the biggest boy band in the world just killed a little part of my nightmare.

"TEA!! We need to go now! TEA!" Harry screamed shaking me out of my thoughts. I still couldn't move. It's almost as if I was paralyzed in that spot. Everything is kinda a blur. Next then I know Harry's caring me out of the dual dark building that we have been held hostage in . As soon as we where far enough down the road, away from the building Harry sets me down. I still couldn't concentrate on anything. I though I was about to have a panicky attack. I mean can you blame me?

"Tea listen so me you can't talk about what happened back there ever" I didn't say anything. I couldn't. I looked down to me feet trying to avoid any eye contact. Well of course I can't say anything why would I? I've been through this before. I just can't believe it's happening again.

"Tea look at me"

I can't get myself to look up. How could I look at someone who just killed my nightmare. Who it not anything what you'd expected. Some one you Admire in this world. But Harry wouldn't have it he lifted my chin with his finger so our eyes meet. He cupped my face with his hands and I started in to he's beautiful green eyes and he looked deep in to my brown ones. Kinda like he was studying them. I don't know how long we stayed like that but I know it was a while. He finally broke the silence.

"Tea you can't say anything. Please I have a passed that I don't even wanna remember and by the looks of it so do you. I know we only meet but-I there's something about you that I can't get over. It like I have to know you" I tear left my eye and rolled down my check, Harry has saved my life two time in the last 24 hours I can't even repay him. I tried to look away but Harry held me in please he wiped the falling tears from my check with his thumb. I started sobbing and Harry pulled me into his chest. I could help but think Harry Styles killed my nightmare. Oh my god he just KILLED JASON! If he found me then.......

So will the others

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