The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


5. chapter 4

Harry's POV

I woke up in a pitch black room I don't have any idea where I am. I looked around trying to see if I can find any sores of light. I couldn't. I'm so confused where am I? I heard whimpers from a cross the room and I jumped.

"Who's there?"

"HARRY!!! Oh my god are you ok?!?" Her voice. It was there girl I saved.

" yeah I'm ok are you hurt?" Damn I still don't know her name.

"I'm fine. Harry I'm so so sorry I got you in to this" what? got me into what?

"Eh sorry I never got your name?" I said.


" ok Tea what do you mean got me into what?" She was about to answer when an unknown nam slammed through a door and turn on a light. The light almost end blinded me. I look at the man and back to tea. Holy shit she had bruises and blood up and down her body. She look at me and gasped. I guess I didn't look so hot either.

Tea's POV

"Well well well look who's finally up" how did he find me.

"How the hell did you fine me Jason!" I yelled I could tell Harry was confused. Jason only smirked and walked to Harry.

"Now Tea play nice or your little boy toy here is ganna get it" he said with a devilish smirk.

"Jason please don't. I don't even know him. Just let him go." BANG BANG! The sound of a gun shoot ringed in my ears.

He's dead.

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