The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


2. chapter 2

Tea's POV.

I've been in London for about 1 month now. Life here is so much easier since I'm not reminded of the deep dark past I once lived every day. I had to get a new phone and destroy my old one I don't want anyone finding me ever. I'm even a blonde now. It's 8:35 in the morning I sit down on the couch in my apartment and switch on the TV my eyes widen as I focuses on king5 News.

" 17 year old Tea Fondle still missing if you have any information on where this girl might be please call the number below" maybe I should write a letter telling my mother and baby brother that I'm ok. No. They will only find me. I bet the're disappointed me. They probably hate me now for leaving them with that monster with out so much as a clue. A tear rolls down my check and I quickly wipe it away. No. No more crying. I get up walking to the kitchen to put my mug away before heading to the bathroom. I walk inside closing the door behind me and slide myself down the door." I'm not a fighter. I'm weak. Why am I still here?" I whispered to myself I wipe a tear that's fallen from my eyes to my check. My eyes wander around the room until my eyes stop on the razor sitting on the counter. I reach my hand out and grab the razor after lifting my sleeve up. I harshly place the razor over my wrist and slash deep cuts I to my flesh over the remaining scars. This is what I've come to. Every time I think about my mom and leaving her alone with my .. God I don't even wanna say it. How could I be so selfish. More tears rushed on the side of my cheek from my agitated eyes. I'm just a wast of space.

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