The Scars That Remains

Everybody has a secret. A passed. Question is who's strong enough to fight it.


1. chapter 1

Tea's POV.

People tell me to give it a chance. To see that things will get better but that's a lie it's all A big fat lie. It never gets better. Now you think I'm a loner with no friends and abusive daddy issues. Not exactly to me I think that would be a dream away for my nightmare. Unlike most girls with my issues. I'm 'popular' I guess you could say I have friends lots of them. But sometimes I'm not sure if I really have them by my side. Everyday I put on this fake stupid smile. Acting like I'm happy. I'm not. I really just wanna break out Into tears but I can't I'm the strong one. well as they say 'strong one' so that's what I do. I'm the person that helps everyone that's down. But no one ever helps me. I guess that's just how it works right? I don't know. I felt a tear rush down my check. I

Got up and walked out of class I heard people calling my name behind but I don't care anymore. As soon as I heard the door slam behind me i ran for the bathroom. Luckily no one was there. I locked myself in a stall sobbing into my hands I lean against the wall and started sliding down to the floor. I'm just a wast of space. I feel another tear roll down my check. I close my eyes and enter my mind. I feel safe but at the same time it's my biggest nightmare. My eyes shoot open as I feel a pain in my wrist I look down and my arm is cover with blood and 7 fresh cut. I-I didn't even realize I-I grabbed a blade for my bag. How didn't I know realize that I just mad 7 news cuts on my wrist! I throw the blade in my bag and ran out of the bathroom and headed straight for the airport. I'm not coming back I can't. I'm done, I have enough in my account to last about 3 months but I plan on getting a job. Goodbye Seattle, goodbye mom, goodbye friends, goodbye pain.

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