This is Me

Meet Sky, a young loner kit with the dream of being a Thunderclan warrior like her father one day. She has her brother by her side as her best friend. All of that changes when a car hits both her and her brother. Her brother was killed, her mother was gone, and she was left alone with her father in Thunderclan. This is her story of how she survives through losing her one arm.


1. Seeing Father

     “Sky and Blaze get back here; you know to stay away from the road!” My mother, Dawn, called from the top of the hill. My brother Blaze and I were racing down the hill. Our father, Foxleap, was coming back from the Gathering. He is a Thunderclan warrior. My mother is a loner, which means we don’t fight the clan cats. He has always found a way to go to the Gathering so he could see us.

     When we got to the road, we stopped to see if there was any cars close by. We then raced over to the trees to wait for father.

     “How are my little warriors doing.” Foxleap surprised us. He calls us that because I listened in on a conversation saying that we were going to live in Thunderclan once we grow up.

     “Daddy, I caught a sparrow that was as big as both Sky and I together!” Blaze is a Daddy’s boy. He always tries to please father with his skills of catching sparrows. I can only catch rabbits, but I never tell him that.

     “That is wonderful Blaze! How about you Sky, have you caught anything yet?” Foxleap looked hopeful to hear about me learning how to hunt like a Thunderclan warrior, not a Windclan rabbit eater.

     “I haven’t caught anything caught yet.” Foxleap look disappointed to hear that.

     “Sky, what about the rabbit you caught on the way here? It was delicious!” Blaze spoke with a shine of honor in his eyes.

     “You caught a rabbit?” Foxleap questioned me as I tried to shrink.

     “Yeah, I have a couple of times. I just thought that you would think I’m like a Windclan cat.” I whimpered.

     “That’s great! I’m glad you can hunt fast. Thunderclan also eats the occasional rabbit here and there.” Foxleap looked proud of me.

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