No Place to Hide

A true story, an autobiography of my life and true hardships.


1. Prologue

From the time I was four years old I knew what fear was all about. My mother has married a man that was extremely abusive and controlling. After my mother married him Frank asked if he could adopt my brother and sister and I. Of course she said yes to the idea. Soon after the adoption the abuse begun. Frank hated my little sister Debbie with a passion. One time while my mother was shopping and we were waiting in the car Debbie only two years old at the time started crying for my mom, and Frank couldn't handle her crying so he back handed her and blackened her little face from the top of her forehead to the bottom of her nose.


When mom came back to the car and saw that my sister was hurt asked Frank what had happened to her. Frank lied and said that she had been hit by a car...I told mom that was a lie that Frank had hit her out of rage. Mom told Frank never to lay a hand on us again, but that didn't last very long. Frank believed that running a tight ship was the only way to make kids mind. As we got older the abuse became more severe, and I was scared to death of him. A three prong razor strap became the means of severe beatings in our home, and mother just stood by and watched the beatings going on, and said nothing.


We would have to line up and pull our pants down for the beatings every single time we did something wrong. Frank also believed that if he beat us in front of our friends and neighbors that it would show other parents how to discipline there own children. Now let me go into detail about what I'm trying to say.

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