No Place to Hide

A true story, an autobiography of my life and true hardships.


2. Chapter 1

As a little girl I felt the need to keep my sister and brother out of harms way. Frank didn't really bother my older brother because he was a special needs baby, but Frank would go out of his way to harm my sister because she would fight back, and it would make Frank so angry and he would lash out at her. Frank's family didn't like us any more then he did, and by the time I was eight years old Frank's father started touching me in a way that he shouldn't of, and when I told him to stop he said he had a right because he owned me. 


It went from touching to rapping me, and hurting me in front of my sister and younger brother. I can remember the first time that I was rapped and it was when we were waiting for my aunt Susie to come in on the train. My sister and brother and I were laying on the back seat trying to sleep, and Frank began to touch and rape me. I saw my sister tearing up and I told her just go to sleep it will be over soon. I didn't want her to get hurt. I couldn't tell you how bad I felt. I was ashamed and felt so dirty. In my heart I felt that no one will ever love or protect my sister or even me at that point. 


When I tried to tell my mother what was going on she didn't believe me, but when my sister told her that it was really going on then and only then she then believed me. My mother never asked me if I was okay. I began staying in my room and away from everyone, because at that point I just didn't trust anyone anymore. I felt all alone and had nowhere to go, and had no one to talk to.

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