Echo online

Echo has never been allowed to leave her family's house. Trapped wasting her days on a chat line, sixteen year old Echo has met someone. Eighteen year old Brandon lives with his alcoholic mother. Will these friends find what they're supposed to be or will this friendship lead to something more...


6. Thepromisalie

                                                   The prom is a lie...

  It is just a way for rich kids to show off they're fancy clothes and dates. I've never gone on a date. I've been waiting for Echo. I'm in love with her. I always have been. I thought it might be just a crush... But it's not. 

  BisforBrandon: Hey Echo if u could, would u go 2 prom with me?

  Echo1998: Of course. We're Best Friends.

  BisforBrandon: I <3 Echo.


  I didn't send the last one. I couldn't. I tried. But the enter button was like it had a force field. Stupid pride.


  "Brandon!" Oh great. "Yes?" She snarls, "Get off that damn laptop!" I shut my computer. "What do you want mother?" I say coolly. "Your an idiot. I hate you're ugly face." I was used to the sting that came after. I always was. But Echo would help dull the pain.

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