Echo online

Echo has never been allowed to leave her family's house. Trapped wasting her days on a chat line, sixteen year old Echo has met someone. Eighteen year old Brandon lives with his alcoholic mother. Will these friends find what they're supposed to be or will this friendship lead to something more...


12. The police

                                                                                                    I hear sirens...

  I had fallen asleep, holding Echo. I hear the door bell and grip Echo. Willow runs in. "We have to go." I pick up Echo and don't let her get a chance to wake up. "W-what?" We keep running till we're down in the basement. Willow presses a stone in the wall. A slice of wall opens. Willow takes us inside and pulls the door closed. Echo opens her eyes. "What the hell?" I hold her. Willow presses a few buttons and breaths a sigh. "We'll have to stay down here for a while." Echo shakes her head. "Won't you be arrested?" Willow laughs. "Only if they find us."

  I have a feeling Echo's claustrophobic. She's pacing back and forth. And she looks panicked. "I don't like this small space." She keeps whispering. I just sit against the wall, Willow looking at a video screen. "When will they leave!?" I ask, it's driving Echo mad which is making me feel horrible. "Soon. They're interrogating Eric, and if he gives in, he's gonna have hell to pay." Willow answers. "Echo come here." I hold out my arms for her. She snuggles up and buries her face in my t-shirt. "Is the room still closing in on us?" I roll my eyes. "No it wasn't in the first place Echo." I kiss her head. "I love you Echo." I could feel her smile. "Love you too." "Oh get a room!" Willow hisses playfully.

Echo smells like laundry soap, and scented candles. I like her scent. "Oh dear god Eric, how could you!?" I turn to Willow. She is hissing cuss words at the screen. "Did he tell?" I asked in a panic. "Yes, but just that we had you, not where we are." I am angry. But if I move I'll wake up Echo. " So what are we gonna do?" I ask. Willow shrugs. "I don't have a clue." I begin to think it over. "Well why don't we wait till we have a chance to escape, and go to California?" Willow stares at me. "That might actually work." She say. So we begin to sit and wait. 

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