Echo online

Echo has never been allowed to leave her family's house. Trapped wasting her days on a chat line, sixteen year old Echo has met someone. Eighteen year old Brandon lives with his alcoholic mother. Will these friends find what they're supposed to be or will this friendship lead to something more...


5. Oreoisacat


                            My mom thought getting me a cat would settle down my curiosity...

 But she was wrong. Oreo just made me more curious about the outside world. Silly adults. You can't just bury your problems...

 Echo1998: Hiya B. My mom got me a cat.

 BisforBrandon: Is she as sweet as u? Oops.

 Echo1998: Ur so sweet B. That's what I <3 about u

 BisforBrandon: Ur making me blush...

 Echo1998: I G2G mom wants me to do a math problem.

  BisforBrandon: So the mysterious Echo does go to school.


  "Echo?" My father appears. "Yes daddy?" He smiles. "How are you?" I groan. "Why do keep asking me that!?" He looked confused. "What?" I put my face in my hand. "Mom asked me the same thing." He gave me an 'oh' look. Sometimes my parents are clueless.  

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