Echo online

Echo has never been allowed to leave her family's house. Trapped wasting her days on a chat line, sixteen year old Echo has met someone. Eighteen year old Brandon lives with his alcoholic mother. Will these friends find what they're supposed to be or will this friendship lead to something more...


7. Ihadasister

                                                                        My parents are evil...

  They trapped me in my room when I was two. It was because of my eye... One eye, the right, is blind, it is white with a bit of blue. All I remember is a little boy with the black eyes making fun of it. I've always had it...

  Echo1998: B can I tell u something?

  BisforBrandon: Of course Echo! What is it?

  Echo1998: I'm blind in my right eye... is that weird?

  BisforBrandon: No not at all. We're u worried to tell me? Cause u shouldn't have been. I know u     as Echo. Ur appearance has nothing to do with what u look like. <3

 Echo1998: I'm so happy u accepted me!

 BisforBrandon: I never didn't


  That's the thing about Brandon... he's so accepting. "Sweet heart, I'd like you to get off that computer now. All that typing is annoying me." I turn to see my mom standing there, her arms crossed. "Sorry mom." I shut the laptop. "Good girl." She has a pleasant smile. "Come have some apple slices and peanut butter." I follow her down the grand staircase to the large kitchen. My father sat there... talking to that man in  a black suit. He was here every week. "I'm sorry Mr. Lexer, we have no sign of your daughter"

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