Echo online

Echo has never been allowed to leave her family's house. Trapped wasting her days on a chat line, sixteen year old Echo has met someone. Eighteen year old Brandon lives with his alcoholic mother. Will these friends find what they're supposed to be or will this friendship lead to something more...


4. BisforBrandon

                                                       This house is bitter...

  My mom doesn't know about my chat line activity. I keep it hidden. Echo and I made a plan if things become to tuff. We're gonna run away, on a bus, and meet each other in North Carolina. I almost did type SOS a few times into the chat line. But I didn't. Just because I'm going through Hell dosen't mean she does. I love her to much for that.

  BisforBrandon: Hey Echo

  Echo1998: Hi B. Feel better 2nite?

  BisforBrandon: Yeah. My mom Is not as wasted as usual. She could even make grilled cheese     2nite.

  Echo1998: YAY!

  BisforBrandon: Don't get to excited. She'll be twice as drunk 2morrow.


  "What are you sayin' about me to you're little 'online friends'?" I glare. "Nothing." She slaps me. "Don't you lie to me young man! Tell me." I feel the fist to the face. "Nothing." I say through blood. She hits me one more time. And walks away.

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